Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

big news

She's reading!!! I know it may not seem big...but as of last week she was just messing around and guessing. We've gone from letter/sound confusion to a clear understanding that the letters on the page have certain sounds each time we see them. Milestone!!!

I can't believe that my job is to hang out with these amazing people and watch them become what God wants them to be ~ pinch me, please.

{P. S. It's long...just wanted you to be a part of our days!}

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We spent a fantastic {and sweltering} camping weekend with some of our favorite people. I took entirely too many pictures of our kiddos...bordering on the intrusive, but flinging a "you'll thank me in 20 years" at the reluctant subjects.

we fished, we swam {so hot,} we ate {still dreaming about that granola, JRS,} we played

{each camping trip, I challenge myself to make something in the dutch oven on the open fire {I should probably stop}...this trip, I tried Granny's fruit cobbler using the peaches from Grandma and Grandpa J and blueberries we picked with Opa

it was a little crispy around the edges, but worked okay...tasted'd be better with ice cream, but I haven't figured out how to camp for four days keeping ice cream cold...let me in on the secret if you have}

Daddy arrived to meet us a day after we got to and sound from Tennessee. Home {well, camp home.} Together. 

To round out our trip, we met friends at another campground for a night, opting for a cabin in the rain instead of a tent. Wise choice. We swam indoors, ate cheap pizza, and played bingo with dozens of other campers. I won twice...9 bucks {enough to pay for the pizza} and left as soon as people started glaring at me.

Now we're home {real mortgaged home.}

Fifteen hours...the number of hours asleep I've had in the last 24. Blissful. There was the quick go-back-to-sleep, snuggling with my best boy as the rain fell outside our cabin. A cat nap on the car ride home. An honest to goodness sack out after the great unpacking. And then starting a family movie at 9:30. {I mean, come on...that's not even giving me a fair chance.}

I must have needed it. My annoying cough and cold must have needed it.

So, the house is a wreck...we're assimilating his stuff with our reminds me of getting married. And there's the soggy, muddy laundry and the food that stayed in the cooler too long to deal with. All very much worth the weekend fun.

I'm loving the nip of fall in the air...fully recognizing that it may not last...but I'm ready for it.

Goodbye, summer. Hello, autumn. Hello, Sweet Man. I'm going to wrap myself up in you.