Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Monday, November 29, 2010

Double whammy

He complained of a sore throat last night. And again this morning. Surely, a good momma would have known when he uncharacteristically, almost fell asleep on the couch. And there was the not getting into trouble all day. But it took a trip to buy a thermometer for me to confirm what I should have already known...Bug has a fever. 

And Sweet Daddy left this morning. {It feels so good to be in our house, I didn't want to go back, just yet.}

After a sweet week with Sweet Man {ahem, no big projects...just fun} and a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend, sickness is probably just what we need to slow down. And I apologize in advance to anyone we saw this weekend...and hugged...and kissed. Yes, indeed, that's what friends are for...keeping the contagions spinning.

I have a couple of projects in the works: Christmas cards to order, Christmas bins to unpack, and that big stack of books still to work through. Plenty to do.We'll be okay...right?

This isn't an SOS call...though if someone swung by with a load of some fresh fruit and veggies...produce that has actually grown on a tree or in the dirt...I wouldn't kick you off my porch...'cause we're out of that stuff. And since you're going anyway, we need ice cream...yeah, ice cream would be good....and....

{UPDATE: Fever's gone, he's back...peace out.}

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yarn Along 2

My's been a week since I posted. No worries, though. Sweet Daddy arrived home Friday and we've been enjoying time with him and catching up with other loved ones.

My Yarn Along this week is a quick knit {Headband/Ear Warmers}...when I say quick, you know I mean I started it and ripped it out and started again about three times, right? Once I was going, it finished up in about 2 hours and was perfect for a long, windy walk.

My read is a book I've been reading bit by bit for a few months now The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education, Leigh A. Bortins {the founder of Classical Conversations.} An encouraging and confirming book for anyone considering Classical education.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Speaking of which, Small Things is not linking today because of the holiday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yarn Along

I love Ginny's idea over at Small Things where she does a weekly Wednesday post highlighting a current read and a current handmade project. Since I operate in much the same way...toting a bag around with me containing a book and a project...ready for an opportunity to work on either...I have accepted her linking invitation.

{Yuck...I took this pic after dark last night with the lamp time I'll surely try with sunlight.}

I picked up another Lisa Samson {she's my favorite, dontcha know!!} book last week. This one is a pretty lighthearted read...from the p.o.v. of a teenage girl. I may be done with it by the end of the week. Of course, it is the third in a series...haven't read the other ones, yet. That, apparently, is my M.O. 

And I'm knitting a Christmas skirt for Bean...right under her nose. She keeps asking what it is and I answer that I haven't decided yet. Is that wrong?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home again, home again

We're here, friends. And it's good. And decidedly boring. No big outings...just reading in front of the fireplace, watching a little PBS.

Coming home, I confess that I shed a few tears when I opened my silverware drawer and saw the knives for which I registered lo these 11 years ago. Silly, I know...I didn't expect to have that reaction. But after 2+ months in spaces owned by others, I'm sinking back in to this house and enjoying using our things.  I still don't understand why it's important for me to be in my own space, but I guess it is. It must be part of the American dream v. kingdom of God struggle I have. 

We haven't been without a little distress...Bug and I were sick as of Wednesday. He, with a little stomach bug and me, with a sinus infection. He was fine the next day. And at the first hint of my sore throat, I sucked down Emer-gen-C and that stuff. By yesterday, I was back to normal. 

Thursday, my sly friend asked me to watch her kiddos while she went to an appointment. I asked if when she came back, I could go to the grocery to do my big shop sans enfants. But then she canceled her appointment, and still granted me an hour and half of kidsitting. Very sneaky, sweet friend! Thank you and I owe you!

Stocked up are we. I can barely close my freezer. I've decided I'm done with the I'm out of a couple things, we need to run to the store nonsense...especially when I'm a single mom. I bought 3 of anything non-perishable and 2 of perishables. Totally went over our grocery budget for the month. Speaking of which, we are an all cash household! No more credit card purchases except to gain points or order something from afar. The monkey is off our back and it feels so good.

Friday, we shared lunchtime with other dear friends and made a trip to the library and a little thrifting.

Saturday, we had brunch at Opa and Anne's house. They had built a huge leaf pile {Mount Leafmore} and the dogs and kids rolled around in it...I think there were some adults in on the action, too. It was a lovely afternoon, sitting on the porch, knitting and visiting with Anne. We were able to catch up with the neighbors a little, too. Heading home after a while, we had de-leafing showers and attended a great Saturday night church service.

Sunday, I indulged my crunchy tendencies...a batch of granola for my favorite breakfast, a batch of granola bars for my boy. Cooking up a storm. Yesterday, a meal for my friend who just had a baby and some Corndog Muffins for the kids. I'm thinking about whipping up some sourdough starter...never done that before.

So fun being able to catch up with friends and family. To shop in our familiar aisles and go to our library and get too many books. The library cracked open its borrowing policy like I was Aladdin at the mouth of the cave. I uttered the magic words...I'm a teacher. Bingo, bango...6 weeks of time with these tomes...and we may need every bit of that to get through this stack. Bug has recently discovered Encyclopedia Brown  and Judy Blume {don't worry, just the Fudge books...not the other ones ;) }

Sweet Man returns home this Friday for 10 days. He thinks he will tackle getting our back fence up and building bunk beds for the babes. You go, babe.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Days in Illinois...

Well, at least for we squeezed a few more fun things into our time here. Sweet Man may be here beyond Thanksgiving, so we might return. I kind of hope so...we've enjoyed our time here.

{RTS and SBR:: This is for y'all, if you ever come to Bloomington, Illinois with your sweet men.}

We discovered two Bloomington-Normal gems this week...and found out that we had missed some fun harvest activities. One frustration about this area is that there is no centralized community calendar, so I  found out about the events after the fact. Bummer.

There are plenty 'o pictures in this post...I could split them up in to 3 posts, but things are a bit crazy as we pack up and I'd forget anyway. Leaving Monday, stopping to hug our Indiana beloveds...then on home.

It's been a chilly, but beautiful week.

First gem is Miller Park Zoo. It's the perfect size...we stayed for 3+ hours, but you could see everything in less than two, if you don't dilly-dally like us. Our faves were the meerkats and the river otters...hours of amusement for us. There was a fun public park and playground surrounding the zoo, which we didn't have time to explore, this time.

{FYI : very affordable esp. with a coupon, but the family membership is reciprocal or discounted with 100+ zoos including Columbus Zoo and the Wilds.} Check out these cuties.

Friday night, we went bowling with Daddy. The kids love it...another thing I'll pin on their short stint in Thursday School. We can hardly pass a bowling alley without a whine. We played one game without bumpers and 2 with. Bean had 1 strike and Bug had 3. It was fun.

The other gem of the area is the Sugar Grove Nature Center. This past Monday, the kids and I wandered out here to do some letterboxing. We didn't end up finding the hidden treasure but we discovered this fantastic place {once again, the journey is the destination} and brought Sweet Man back on Saturday for a guided nature hike. Then we played! in the crazy-cool play area. Sweet Man has clear charge from me to recreate at this at our next home.

{FYI: Free and open to the public. About 20 minutes south of Bloomington. It has miles of grassy trails through pastureland and some woods. They have all kinds of programs and events going on and a nature center with several reptiles in aquariums, a nature library, and a bird-watching room. Support memberships are available.}

Monday, November 1, 2010

in cognito

ever want to pretend you're someone else for a little while?

there's been a bit of that around here

an eagle preying on a fairy

the fierce pirate

Wall-e and our southern belle

lead singer and drummer in a bluesy, funky, raucous band

can you see us, Sweet Man and me? 

{just's needtobreathe...
Sweet Man and I were able to see them live last Saturday!!!

if you haven't heard them...
run to Pandora or grooveshark and plug in their name...
then pick Washed by the Water, Stones Under Rushing Water, or Lay 'Em Down, really anything...
they rrrrr-hock...
and I must raise my glass to Miss Abi for turning me on to them in the first place...thanks, Ab!}