Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breakfast ideas

Breakfast is my fave. My dad can whip up a mean one. Our wedding ceremony was scheduled in the morning so that we could have a brunch reception with omelets, waffles, fruit & pastries....and mimosas.

Eleven years later {yes, they said it wouldn't last,} my summer breakfast of choice has been oatmeal with pineapple {fresh or frozen ~ not canned, ick.} Since a trip to a large chain restaurant {Crisp Bread~Wooden Tub} when I had a scrumptious concoction of thick yogurt, cooked apples and tastebuds pull for another. I have fantasized about re-creating it for my family myself.

This morning I tried it. Think I'll have it for lunch, too.

I used plain Greek yogurt. And I'm not sure if the restaurant used apple pie filling, but it sure tasted like it. Because the apples at Dad's house just keep on coming and despite giving dozens away yesterday, I made apple pie filling. It may even stay around long enough to actually fill a pie. I also made a batch of each of these.

This house is getting so hot...I'm resisting the urge to turn on the AC. My head says fall cooking ~ soup, bread, hot tea; but my sweaty brow says, stick a popsicle in it. Summer ain't over. If I keep the stove on, we'll all be walking around in our underwear. You needed to know that, right?

Sidenote: No pictures for while...believe it or not, my laptop is on its way back to the shop. Reeee~dic~ulous, I know.

Dear HP,

Five times, really?  This back and forth with the boxes and the foam is becoming comical. And introducing the UPS man into the mix won't help. I believe he tires of it all.

Let's start over brand new, shall we?

Your somewhat disgruntled,{don't-push-me, there-are-plenty-of-motherboards-in-the-sea, and do you remember just how much of my $ you have?} but ever-hopeful customer.

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Julie said...

you won my forever love with the "stick a posicle in it" ha!!!! Just what I needed.