Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Uhmm, yeah, hi...again

He brought it up Thursday:: "We may be out of here by this weekend. So, anything you really want to do in this area, do it today." 

The possibility that Sweet Man would be released from the Des Moines assignment was quickly becoming reality. Others in the office had already wrapped up their work and were moving on. He had to stick around until one certain colleague was finished and then he'd put in a few more hours and be done.

"Okay..."said I, calmly..."where to next?"

"Don't know, yet."

Friday:: "I talked to *Bob* and he said he expects me to be done this weekend."

"Okay, and...?"

"He's sending me home."

"Ha, hahahahahahaha, right.  {long pause} Really....wait, what about Earl? We just got here four days ago...we're getting into a groove. Can't we go to Ocracoke...and help with the carnage, just flying shingles, please." {Ocracoke is one of my favorite places on the planet. Okay...I haven't been too many places, but really it is a fantastic and fun island. I'm glad they didn't get blown away.} So, really, where are we going?"

"Home. But...we can take our time and wander around on the way."

"But...I thought we'd be out in the field for a month or more. I bought loads of groceries. And we...don't...really have...a home, right now." 

Saturday morning, oh, 11ish :: "*Mike's* just checked out. I have 2 more hours of work, but we need to be out of the hotel by noon. I'm coming home to help pack the car."...which meant I had to pack our stuff, stat.

Out by 11:30ish... the kids and I kicked around for a couple of hours...and we were eastbound at 3:30ish.

So, farewell, Iowa...again. It really is fun, road tripping...with two adults. And in glorious weather {wasn't it? Oh, I wish we were camping.} We drove into the night, stopping in Indiana at wake in the morning and share a breakfast with dear friends. Then home-ish. 

{Sounds dramatic, I know...there's that whole we-gave-our-house-away-for-a-month thing...but we have options, worries. We're bunking in the Valley for the time being...and then my dad's house while he and my stepmom are in North Carolina, where she has a house. So, we might be seeing you soon.}

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Debby said...

So glad you have options. Maybe you can enjoy fall soon.
Now watch as soon as you get settled the phone will ring. ((((HUGS))))