Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home again, home again

We're here, friends. And it's good. And decidedly boring. No big outings...just reading in front of the fireplace, watching a little PBS.

Coming home, I confess that I shed a few tears when I opened my silverware drawer and saw the knives for which I registered lo these 11 years ago. Silly, I know...I didn't expect to have that reaction. But after 2+ months in spaces owned by others, I'm sinking back in to this house and enjoying using our things.  I still don't understand why it's important for me to be in my own space, but I guess it is. It must be part of the American dream v. kingdom of God struggle I have. 

We haven't been without a little distress...Bug and I were sick as of Wednesday. He, with a little stomach bug and me, with a sinus infection. He was fine the next day. And at the first hint of my sore throat, I sucked down Emer-gen-C and that stuff. By yesterday, I was back to normal. 

Thursday, my sly friend asked me to watch her kiddos while she went to an appointment. I asked if when she came back, I could go to the grocery to do my big shop sans enfants. But then she canceled her appointment, and still granted me an hour and half of kidsitting. Very sneaky, sweet friend! Thank you and I owe you!

Stocked up are we. I can barely close my freezer. I've decided I'm done with the I'm out of a couple things, we need to run to the store nonsense...especially when I'm a single mom. I bought 3 of anything non-perishable and 2 of perishables. Totally went over our grocery budget for the month. Speaking of which, we are an all cash household! No more credit card purchases except to gain points or order something from afar. The monkey is off our back and it feels so good.

Friday, we shared lunchtime with other dear friends and made a trip to the library and a little thrifting.

Saturday, we had brunch at Opa and Anne's house. They had built a huge leaf pile {Mount Leafmore} and the dogs and kids rolled around in it...I think there were some adults in on the action, too. It was a lovely afternoon, sitting on the porch, knitting and visiting with Anne. We were able to catch up with the neighbors a little, too. Heading home after a while, we had de-leafing showers and attended a great Saturday night church service.

Sunday, I indulged my crunchy tendencies...a batch of granola for my favorite breakfast, a batch of granola bars for my boy. Cooking up a storm. Yesterday, a meal for my friend who just had a baby and some Corndog Muffins for the kids. I'm thinking about whipping up some sourdough starter...never done that before.

So fun being able to catch up with friends and family. To shop in our familiar aisles and go to our library and get too many books. The library cracked open its borrowing policy like I was Aladdin at the mouth of the cave. I uttered the magic words...I'm a teacher. Bingo, bango...6 weeks of time with these tomes...and we may need every bit of that to get through this stack. Bug has recently discovered Encyclopedia Brown  and Judy Blume {don't worry, just the Fudge books...not the other ones ;) }

Sweet Man returns home this Friday for 10 days. He thinks he will tackle getting our back fence up and building bunk beds for the babes. You go, babe.

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MarkAElliott said...

Welcome back!! I hope and pray that all was in order. We so desperately wanted to be good stewards of this immense blessing. Let me know if the man of the house would like a hand with the post hole diggers. =)