Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Monday, June 6, 2011

Well, hello there

I received a new computer this weekend to replace the former, very cantankerous one...and for that I am grateful. So, I'm back in this space. I already like this laptop better than the old.

Should I try to catch y'all up on the last couple months? Many of you already know:  it's been a tough, sweet time...comforting to be in our home and challenging to be without my Sweet Man. About 4 weeks into a 5 week trip, I threw my typical tantrum...having a hard day that spiraled into feeling sorry for myself, isolated and abandoned. Still getting used to the circumstances of my life through all the change in the last 3 years. Boo hoo, right? I was not fit for human company. Yes, my poor kids had to endure.

The kicker is that heartache and crisis continue to swirl around the lives of crises, monumental life changes, consuming busy-ness...just got swallowed up by my own junk again and have been no help to anyone. 

There's been some hard work on the house {lost our carport in a strong wind ~ good riddance,} yard {new fence up and stray cat-proofed,} and pool {up and running!!!! just needs some new-to-us patio ...chairs.} 

Good stuff, too. The kids {and I} took a 7 week nature class...fantastic experience. We've connected with some friends. Finished Bug's 1st grade year ~ well, almost. Celebrated the matriarch of Sweet Man's family with a fun afternoon.

I rejoiced with happy tears upon news that Sweet Man is back in the same state as us after 6 weeks in South Carolina, Alabama, or Mississippi, helping clean up the aftermath of storms. Crazy weather this spring, no? Keeping my man and his team very busy.

We've made some decisions about life that have me feeling a bit more settled...remaining in the house for the time being, choosing a new church to attend, and praying for Sweet Man as he keeps his eyes on the horizon for a job posting that will bring him home to stay. 

I'm feeling the pervasive joy that comes to me each summer season. I love windows open, new freckles, clothes on the line, watching storms on the porch, digging in the garden. Oh, and the return of the Friday morning occupation...yard sales...searching for patio furniture, but finding oh, so much more. 

And a little bit of extra excitement is that the kiddos have joined a local swim team...SVP Stingrays. I'm tickled about it...I swam on the same team until I was 12...when we were called the SVP Nators...{whaaaa? the SVP who?...hence the name change.} I must qualify...I am the slowest and least proficient swimmer in my extended aqua-heroic the point of having my last name questioned because I didn't live up to it. But I am thrilled to give my kids the chance to experience a taste of the magic of growing up at Spring Valley and to watch them develop solid stroke technique in a safe and fun environment. The season will keep us busy for several weeks. We're off to our first formal practice in a few minutes. Stay tuned for swimming stats and pictures of black and red suits.

And on the weekends, we'll be traveling back and forth to Dayton to see Sweet Daddy on his Sundays' off.

So that's the news here from Prone to Wander. Be back soon.

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