Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We went to see Great-grandma K on St. Patrick's Day. It was a 45 minute trip to her lovely home. 

Grandma J had a fun "find-it" game for the car ride. Both kids got out of the van with fistsful of change.

Uncle R arrived moments after us and we all sat down for a chat in Grandma K's apartment. The last time we visited Grandma K's apartment was not so good...Bug broke something precious. About 3 minutes into it, Bean touched a precious without permission. I sat her down in a corner where she proceeded to glower at me for 3 minutes. Did not bode well for a day long visit...but if I remember accurately, that was the most serious infraction of the day. 

Bean changed into a princess dress and green princess shoes and we moved the party to a game room where Uncle R, Grandma K,  Mom J, and I played a spirited game of dominoes. Bug and Bean sat in recliners and watched Noggin with their mouths hanging open just a bit...just like we've practiced for hours. So proud. Bug said he was so hungry. "My stomach can't take it anymore!" Grandma K was treating us to pizza for lunch in the dining room. As Bug and Bean say, "De-lish-us!"

Throughout the day, we met many of the other residents...all so nice. And the kids used their manners. 

As we left the dining room, an older gentleman remarked about Bean's shoes and red hair, so naturally she stopped for more compliments...she has a thing for men, yikes. She answered the requisite questions about her name (which we translated) and her age. She introduced her brother. Being St. Patty's Day, the dessert that day was cupcakes with green icing. I heard her say, "I like green cupcakes." Ummm...smooth, Bean. He was so sweet and offered it to her. Grandma K noticed and managed to get another from the kitchen to replace it. I think I heard him say to Bean, "Oh, that's your grandma? She's a doll." Hmmmm..... Then he offered the other to Bug. "Yes, please." And Grandma K ran to replace that one...too cute.  

We met another of Grandma K's friends in the library where Bean discovered a doll (she was not gentle with it) and Bug found a globe that lit from the inside. Proud Grandma J remarked more than once, "This day is so educational."

Then, we scooted...outside...yeah, on scooters. It was a glorious day with a warm breeze. Just right. And my babes were ornery enough to be endearing, but not obnoxious. Good. Dare I say it, I was proud of them.

What a lovely place. I asked Grandma if the kids and I could spend the night sometime. She "didn't hear me" ask. Wise woman.

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Julie said...

Bug, I can hardly see you in all that camo. I love the "educational" day!! You are so marvelous, Mommy.