Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hi, my name is...

Get real, I'm not going to tell you my name. Either you know it or don't, but we're keeping the thin veil of anonymity in place here in the blogosphere.

But to continue the phrase: My name is _________, and I'm an experienceholic.  Actually, that's one on a list of my addictions...but it's the one coming into focus today.

I am an indulgent mother...not with toys, clothing, treats {some would argue with that} or baths {egads, no.}

I'm talking 'bout fun...the pursuit of fun, really. Not simple, entertain-'em-with-a-cardboard-box or make-mudpies fun, not that there's anything wrong with that. I want to get my children out of the house/hotel, spare our hotel neighbors, and DO something we don't often have a chance to do. I indulge my children in experiences.

...and I want to take pictures of it. Oops, this forum could be part of the problem.

This addiction manifests itself once or twice a week. I get an itch to do something fun. Here I am, often in unfamiliar territory, usually in a 200 sq. ft. room, with my window on the world aka: laptop and a little too much time on my hands. Upon arriving in unfamiliar territory, I begin to link into local event schedules for children, preferably free, but I'll consider those with a small fee. A little bit of effort is rewarded.

Right now, it is the metaphorical New Years Eve of fun activities...this fall/harvest/pumpkin/Halloween time. My addiction is flaring up... tempting fun is easy to find. The weather is beautiful. It is the culmination of agri-entertainment's year of labor. There are loads of activities here in Cincinnati for those who have a little money and scads of time. On one of the event sites, there is even a handy little icon that links the event directly to my Google calendar...too easy.

And of course, when one acknowledges an addiction, soul-searching follows. Why am I this way? and How will this affect my children?

I may have an answer for the first question. I am consciously trying to restrain the whining...but as rich as my childhood experiences were, they were repeated. I was born, grew up, graduated from college, and still have a home all within a 15 mile area. Wonderful in many ways, but....

Take my summers...spent at our family business, a swimming pool...we swam, we ran through the woods, we picnicked, we worked, we forged life-long relationships, we had fun. It was idyllic and I would give my left eye to have that place back.

But that's where we were every summer. Every birthday party I had up until the age of 22? was held there. We rarely traveled anywhere and when we did, it was to usually to camp within the radius of an hour's drive. Childhood experiences were deep but not broad.

So I am taking this life on the road and running with it...I am bound and determined to soak up the life wherever we are. And expose our family to the encounters specific to each new area.

However, we don't know anyone in these places...we don't have play dates or sleepovers. No childcare, no coffee with a friend. We pack our schedules with those activities when we can...that's the big fun at home. Here, it's up to me to find enriching entertainment. Otherwise we sit in a hotel room staring at each other or a TV.

I don't yet know the effect on the kids. Sweet Daddy and I have to keep evaluating that. I don't want to establish a need or expectation of big entertainment all the time

Walked on the waterfront at Winton Woods park, 
after lunch and freeze tag

First pony ride at Parky's Farm Halloween Nights

The spinning tunnel at the Funhouse

Hayride and Daddy was with us!

All that to say, here are the photos from some recent adventures, yesterday. And true to my word, there were no pumpkins involved.

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