Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Monday, July 19, 2010


What can I say?

Still there, friends? I'm still right where I was last week...not sure...what to say. There's much rattling around in this head of one word, I feel disquieted and disillusioned. My foundations are rocking, which is a good thing, I think...and primarily it has to do with people I have admired and respected, doing and saying things I don't admire or respect. 

Now, just what do I do with all of that? 

I do appreciate God reminding me that I am not to follow man...I am to follow Him.

So, I'm just gonna keep talking about what we've been doing as a family. That foundation seems pretty, dare I say it, solid. I better not say it...or surely rocks will start to tumble. But we are having much fun and enjoying having Sweet Daddy with us.

We decided to spend 8, instead of 14 days at camp...good thing since it's supposed to rain a lot more this week. Sweet Man received a Pharm phone call last Monday that scared me...I'll do plenty of things as a single momma...camper camping is NOT one of them. He was later told to stand down, so he's still with us, but we know his number will be up soon.

Camp was wonderful...lots of fun...relaxing and doing.  The week was spent nesting, reading {read my first Liz Curtis Higgs book...need to find another...quick,} playing tennis, walking, eating, archery, swimming, campfire cooking. Ping pong and pool in the clubhouse were also very popular pasttimes. I LOVE the activities that Grand Haven has much to do...or we can just chill at the campsite if we want. 

{this is Missy, one of our favorite Grand Haven staffers, letting Bug help read at storytime
...she does the kids' activities}

Bug has a new haircut, courtesy of Sweet Daddy. 

And, oh my stars, the best $1.99 I ever spent was on a box of water balloons at Betsypoo's Variety Store...hours upon hours of fun for all. 

It rained a good bit while we were there which is great as I am very fond of rain...especially rainy mornings. Nothing like a good soaking storm. Growing up, we had a screened-in porch on our house and I remember swinging with my parents as a storm rolled in and engulfed our little country place. Loved it and now scoop up my babes to sit on our little city porch and watch the storm roll in. 

Then as a lifeguard and reluctant softball player, I loved thunder and cancel a game or change up the day a bit at the pool. We'd run for, not from the lightning but from the drops threatening to get me wet. We'd squeal and dash about, gathering vulnerable equipment, working really hard at avoiding the drops. 

But the freedom of just giving in and letting the warm summer rain soak just stop dashing and let my clothes get heavy with wet and my legs spattered with mud....ahhh. To lift my arms and turn my face to the sky to catch all those drops. It felt glorious. 

My kids reminded me of that freedom this week...stop fighting it and just let rain cover me. Get wet, play in the mud, slide in the grass, {maybe after the lightning has moved on.} Take chances to get wet and dirty and  there will always be more chances to get clean and dry again. Life's more fun that way.


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I will be praying for you. Call me when you are home. Please come for a swing and glass of wine. xo

Bekah said...

It was a fun place, Amy! I loved my canoe trip after high school, you just keep paddling while getting soaked...