Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

what up?

whatchya been doin? 
who am I kidding, is there anyone even here still...

tap, this thing on?

what do you want to know?
no, actually...what do I want to remember from the last whirlwind weeks:

  • long good morning hugs
  • waking up girl stretched across my lap, watching Fraggle Rock...old school
  • margaritas with friends
  • best popcorn ev-ah at the drive-in
  • sunset during worship at Creation
  • bubblegum bubble blowing contests
  • chore charts...that actually work
  • dirty, filthy mini-feet...sure sign of a good day: when you have to scrub before bed
  • boy who does what momma asks after only one request...I have countless examples
  • hours of books on CD
  • actually turning in reading charts for summer reading program...huzzah!
  • friends following on interstate when the unexpected happens
  • van with new smile (remember last summer's mishap? oh yeah, I never gave you the whole story...oops) and one new very special tire
  • good books
  • new babies with forever families...sniff & smile
  • incredible young men who don't mind hanging out with middle-agers and school-agers (Susan, your boys are fantastic...and doppelganger alert: K reminds us so much of our nephew...wonderfully weird...the similarities, not the boys)
  • embracing the people in my life as my family 
  • fireworks
  • campfire hair
  • Sweet Man...keeping the place running
  • hotel nights
  • Sonic ice
  • my out-stand-ing swimmer - Bean likes to walk to the wall to finish a race, afterwards exclaiming "I didn't know I could touch there, Mom!"
  • wet hair and AC on a hot day
  • carnie fries with malt vinegar
  • painting rooms with wise friends
  • watching a parade
  • clean sheets dried on the line

Moments make life.

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