Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthday, buddies, and bad news

It was my birthday last week, yes indeed...I did my best to ignore it and it almost worked. Others, however, got wind of it and helped me celebrate.

I had a lovely, low-key actual birthday. Enough to not feel forgotten, but not enough to seem crass in light of missing important people. And I was the happy recipient of two {ahhh ~yeah} cakes and some thoughtful presents. {Thank you, sweet people.}

A couple of days later, we left for another camping adventure with daddys...just 2 mommas and 5 kiddos, a few of my favorite people...just crazy about them. We even borrowed a mohawk buddy.

What'd we do? We swam, read magazines, rode bikes, picked blackberries, saw our friend, Missy and the animals at the resort, danced, laughed, ate popcorn,  played tennis, ate coconut marshmallows {heavens, they're tasty.} And my longtime friend and I actually had interrupted, but eventually complete primary goal for the trip.

Real life invaded ~ There was an awful accident while we were there...we've had lots of praying for the boy. 

The next day there was a not so awful accident, involving a minivan and a wooden post...and that's all I'm gonna least until I fess up to Sweet Man. Oy vey.

Arriving home without any more incidents, we said farewell to our camp family and unpacked. And then, about 30 minutes before another sweet friend entrusted her kiddos with me for this very night, Sweet Man called to tell me that he will not be home on our anniversary, as planned, but that he will be flying Iowa for his next assignment. He wants me to join him in the next couple of days...but I'm whipped.  I plan to sleep well for the next 3 days. We each have a little cold. I can be neither witty nor clever...just the facts. And I want to finish my current book...then I'll come up with a plan.

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