Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too fast

I sat on the floor with piles of books around me. Today was get-it-together day for first grade homeschooling. Do we have everything? No, but we have enough. We have a plan to start Monday. 

{I never did tell you about my Classical Conversations practicum experience, did I? Well, in short, it rocked my world. I feel passionate about the philosophy and buoyed from the structure. It includes the attributes I appreciate about my own education and addresses the gaps that I see looking back. Ideally, we would work in our home 4 days a week and meet with a community one day a week. Problem is, we cannot fully commit to it without being in one place, so...we will continue to consider it for another time in our lives. Until then, I will keep to the principles without putting it all into practice.} 

I always cried the night before school starts...mourning the summer. Still do, during my teaching years and now. Have we done enough? jumped off the arcing swing? watched enough thunderstorms? survived scraped knees? eaten enough s'mores? picked enough fruit? rolled in the grass with friends? practiced our mermaid/man skills enough? ~ the answer to that question, my friends, is a resounding yes, we have swum enough. 

One of my summer regrets, other than yelling too much, is that we usually see at least 2 fireworks displays, but missed them all this year.

Life in general is moving too fast.  I don't want to miss a new freckle or a fight. 

Fleeting...the ease of fun in the summer. Once the autumn begins...the fun is plentiful, but takes a little more work and planning. And we probably won't be in this familiar environment.

Are they going to remember these days? fondly? Am I? Here's a great idea from a real blogger, Stephanie Precourt @ "Adventures in Babywearing":: These days are theirs as much as they are mine.

{I do want time to speed up just until the time we rejoin Sweet Man. Hurry, please. It's been 3 weeks and you know how I get.}

It has been a year since my life changed as I held my momma's hand and whispered see you soon.

The jury's still out on whether the exponentially increasing speed of life is a blessing or a curse.


Debby said...

Good luck with your homeschooling. ((((HUGS)))) for the anniversary of your Sweet Mama.

Life Prints Design said...

Thinking of you this week. Praying for your peace. Love you!

Justina said...

God brings you to mind at odd times and I sometimes wonder if that isn't when you are needing some prayer the most. For me, when we lost my first husband to cancer, I just wanted to get through that year with all of its "firsts" without him in our lives. And yes, the second year was still very trying but I felt a sense of relief that we had passed all the milestones once already that make up our lives and a lot of our memories. Praying for yours... wish to see you soon!!