Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


* I've lost much of my morning to searching for songs and making my summer playlist. Goooood music. I highly recommend it if you have an hour {or 3} to blow. Which I don't.

* The official first day of school picture below. Got 3 days in this week. Done. {Notice the new scoots...very important for homeschooling.}

*  Heretofore, this boy shall be known as...Snaggletooth.

* Sweet Man flies in tonight. We're already fighting over who gets to hug him first and longest.

*My renewed obsession:: thrifting and yard-saling! Just. can't. stop. The antidote? Living in a hotel for a month.

* So, the great sort/pack has begun...planning on being out in the world for the month of September. First stop, Des Moines, Iowa...but ready for a relocation and a longer trip.

* And in the meantime, God worked it out for our church's new youth pastor and his family to stay in our home while we are gone. Love Him!

{Speaking of that:: when I begin to look at my house with new eyes, knowing another family is going to get to know more about us than they would ever want to...I see shabbiness. our ancient vacuums and mower. All very much operable, if you follow a certain protocol: stand on your left foot, hold a flyswatter in your right hand, have 6 sunflower seeds and a Jack of spades in your pocket and wait for the full moon....then they may work. How do I communicate all this to a family I've never really met?}

* Bean has impeccable fashion sense. Really.. I'm not kiddin' or jokin' or lyin'.

* Never fear:: the troops are here...rapelling down an elegant, pearl rope, of course.


Debby said...

Fun travels but have a good welcome home first. Love the cape outfit and the rope. Made me laugh.

MarkAElliott said...

I have a jack of spades and some sunflower seeds, but unfortunately I JUST missed the full moon. Wondering if a New Moon will suffice?

You probably are not aware of what a MAJOR blessing this is to us. When we get there what we will see is the fingerprint of God! Blessings to you.