Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August, really?

Maximizing the fun of every day becomes tiring...but we are doing it. And there are plenty of pictures...but on this borrowed laptop, I shan't load it down with all those MBs. 

{Post edit: Laptop's back...I've added pictures.}

I was thrilled {and a bit anxious} to be able to go on the Women's whitewater rafting trip last Friday. Twas all pretty perfect...wonderful ladies, compelling and encouraging discussion times...and tons of fun on the New River. We did the Lower Gorge run {listen to me, I sound like I know what I'm talking about} which included a couple of Class 2 rapids on up to 2 Class 5's. Sometimes, I think our guide may have been blowing smoke at us to make it seem more exciting...he had grown up on that river and told great stories, pointing out the ruins of the old mining towns and his still-tended family cemetery. But, man, could he put that boat right where he wanted us...impressive. He even shot us down an narrow chute backwards...on purpose!

The babes were in the Valley while I was adventuring {thank you again, Grandma and Grandpa J!} so I headed there Sunday evening and spent the night, with a plan to go peach-picking in the morning. We picked for a bit, had lunch and then  the kids and I headed home.

A sweet friend reminded me she was watching my babes that evening, so that I could go to a very steamy {no A/C} Zumba class. Got my sweat on!

Tuesday, we. did. nothing! Lovely...we went one came over. It rained; I drank coffee; we played Candyland; I didn't cook. I think I took 2 naps and read most of the day. I did clean out the scuzzy van.

Wednesday, we trekked on over to Coshocton Lake Park to visit Opa and Anne on their camping trip. Just for the see them and to enjoy the water park...which we did for about an hour before a HUGE storm rolled in. We were stalwart, sitting on our loungers, watching everyone scramble. I'll confess...I thought to myself, silly people, just relax and wait it out...we've been through this before. Well, we waited a little too long...and once the drops began to fall, we were hustling our buns back to the campsite, stopping first to get a we-can-come-back-and-swim,right? stamp. And then there was wind, and running, and walls of water...and the rending of tree limbs. We made it back to the camper and gathered up things that had gotten blown around and wet. Safe and sound and shivering, we sat in Opa's camper and thanked God. Bug said, I was so scared, I just prayed. Very exciting. 

After the storm was over, we went for a lovely walk with the dogs, to the river and around the campground. We must put that campground on our fun for kiddos...lots of bike paths and that over the top pool. Next summer maybe we'll go for a week. A good meal was prepared and eaten. Some talking, some chalk drawing, some playing with the dogs followed. And then there was a sleepy drive home...

I'll be sure to let you know about our fun weekend plans. Now, I'm off to cut the grass.

Sweet Daddy update: He is in Nebraska and will be there for another week. His Bloomington assignment is cancelled for now...not sure where he will be next, but we are excited to be able to see him back home if only for a day or so. And when we know where he will go, the kiddos and I will make our plan.

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