Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Monday, January 23, 2012

knit madness!

It has quite possibly been my busiest knitting season ever...non-stop since September. Feverish, bleary-eyed, glorious knitting. And deadlines, set entirely by myself and my own expectations, seem to be the only way I can be productive.

There was the baby sweater that I finished in time for the baby shower {I better say that again, so that I'm certain you noticed...finished on time!} But as I washed and blocked it, I discovered a hole on the back where I had joined new yarn. With no way to repair it well, I sheepishly promised another to the happy family and delivered before the end of the calendar year. {Made with yarn purchased in Wichita @ Twist for my unsuccessful surplice sweater.}

There was a gift each for my mother-in-law and stepmomma. {No pics...but if you're interested, look back at my past knit posts for Shalom Cardigan and Springtime Bandit.}

And the facebook pay-it-forward 2011 gifts for 3{gah! I forgot until October}...all fingerless mitts that, at this point, I can make in my sleep. I was delighted to join a wintertime walk with a couple of stalwart, beautiful, talented mommas I knew in another lifetime. There I delivered one pair and the recipient honored me with a mention in her blog.

Since the 1st of the year, it has been handknits for me, me, me. Another Springtime Bandit scarf in delicious gray Amy Butler cotton/wool that I scored at her Open House in December {Thanks for the invite, SMC!} A slouchy toboggan {in Lion Brand Amazing Glacier} that opens at the crown and can be worn as a cowl...brilliance {Thanks for the pattern, EKT!} And a pair of fingerless mitts {in my fave Cascade Eco-Wool}, perfect for a wintertime walk. {Oops, you can really tell that I grabbed the wrong shade of yarn to finish the bottom mitt...I have gobs of odds and ends from other projects. Don't let it bother you, it doesn't me!}

Perhaps I should knit something for my children. One of them can now wear my gloves, so I consider that 2 birds, one knit.

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