Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, May 9, 2013

rocky mountain high

Can we agree that I have a couple of cutie friends? Especially compared to my flat-faced, big-headed, squinty-eyed self? And I didn't bring my big camera, just my

Let's all just look at the beautiful mountains, shall we?

After talking and planning for 2 years, penciling it into our calendars at least 3 times, HC made it happen! About a month ago, my sweet high school besties and I spent 3 days in Estes Park, Colorado walking, shopping, talking, eating, and drinking. KK found great plane tickets and so we flew out of Dayton early Friday morning to Denver. HC, who has been a Rocky Mountain resident since 1992, picked us up. After quick passenger pick-up hugs, we hopped in her truck and drove an hour or so up into the mountains.

HC found a perfect little hotel that was a good walk outside of town which led to a wonderful, relaxing stay. What a sweet little town with funky gift boutiques, sweet shops, and plenty of good eats.

Each day we found a reason to stop here, the hotel that inspired the writing of The Shining.

KK could not get enough wildlife sightings to satisfy her, so we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park in the snow to spy elk or big-horn sheep or mule deer. Ironically, we saw more animals outside the park on the edge of town. We'd stop the car, get out, and carefully walk closer, all the while listening to KK's voice rise into her "animal stalking" mode.

The mountains were what took my breath away.

Here we are enjoying a little 'bucks along the Big Thompson creek.

{ are the sweetest thing evah but you know I'm a little scared of you. I posted these pics anyway.}

Sunday afternoon, we bid farewell to Estes Park and drove to Pearl St. in Boulder. I could have stayed there longer, too...families and hipsters and buskers and those just plain down on their luck...moving in and out of shops and crowds. Perfect people watching.

But let's be real: the company was what I really came to see. There's nothing better than sitting down, yummy drink in hand, sharing silly stories and dreams together. Thank you, sweet friends...see you in Austin, 2015!


Debby said...

Ahhhhh love this post. Not too often do I rea a post where I know everyone in it. HC said that it was so much fun.

Jenni said...

I just caught up on the last six months of posts! And I got a mention in your Christmas story, I feel very special! Sounds like you girls had a fun fun trip, I can't wait to see you and catch up tomorrow.