Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oak Island

The coast of North of my favorite places. Opa and Anne asked us to join them. Oh, and Murphy the dog, too.

Each day has been lovely with today as perhaps the most perfect. We began a trip to a farmers' market, an encounter with Jack Sparrow, and a little thrifting. Thrift and consignment stores are more plentiful here than freckles on my ample thighs. I found a Victorio Strainer for $15!!!!

After our shopping in the oppressive humidity, we rested in the cool of the condo and hit the beach at about 4pm...when the light is just becoming magical. I love taking pictures at this time of day. I've noticed that I haven't taken many pictures since the move...perhaps because it has been such a difficult transition for me...I didn't really want to document it. But the beach is a great place to take many pictures...except for the sand and the water and the people in bathing gear who become cranky when I start snapping away. Enjoy!

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Amanda Buss said...

Oh my sweet friend...We really need to take a beach vacation together...maybe the spring?? Beautiful pics!