Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

coping skills

What a week! Sweet Man has been away on business - 5 days. It used to be easier for me to parent on my own, but this trip threw me for a loop. That safety net of support in Licking County was so important to me. I thought about running "home" for a few days, but logistically, it didn't make sense. We stayed put in Dayton.

Sam and I had a horrendous school day Monday. Four hours of work became 8 hours. Fourth grade's no joke, but a day's work should never take him that long. He found constant sources of distraction - the dog, a toy, a snack, a piece of paper...I don't know...I was busy distracting myself.

I finally chased him out of the house to the park because I could not bear to fight about it any more. And took away screen time for 4 days. (Just who am I punishing. I didn't think that through, did I?)

Josie needed me more than I could satisfy...mostly as a playmate.

Our neighbors here, who have befriended us, are moving to a new town this week.  During any other week, I would probably be bummed to say goodbye.

But this week that fact sent me over the edge into a very real fear, right into feeling very lonely and sorry for myself. Those thoughts spun me up right quick and I was close to holing up in a closet and going to sleep for the week.

But of course, hiding was not going to fly. I have these precious people with me. I needed a plan to cope, so I did my best. I'm not suggesting that your plan would be the same...but mine worked for the night.

I prayed...and asked others to pray for us.
I hugged the kids and sent them to bed.
I enjoyed a glass of wine and a few too many cheap, store-bought cookies.
I watched "Call the Midwife" on Netflix.
I made a plan for the next day.
I let the dog out one last time.
I checked the locks.
I slept finally.

Tuesday was different, thank God!

Sam and I used a timer to stay on task. We didn't fight. I didn't yell or speak in a condescending voice. We ate good food: fresh eggs and oatmeal for breakfast, veggies at lunch. We took frequent chicken chasing breaks. Josie did her schoolwork quickly and well and found independent entertainment.

School was finished by 1pm! And that victory meant we could spend our afternoon at a park where the Dayton Parks Dept had organized a kayaking event. Local outfitters were there and let us take their kayaks out for a spin. So fun! {We're in the picture somewhere!}

Remind me next time I start sinking: GO OUTSIDE, AMY! Vitamin D and fresh air will do you well!

So we will survive...already halfway through the week. And Friday will be a piece of pie as we are at school all day and Sam goes to his Lego League meeting in the evening. I'll have my partner back by dinnertime and that will make all the difference.

{This clip helped cheer me up, too:}

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Amanda Buss said...

I love you my sweet friend and I am so sorry we couldn't meet up! Your sweet man will be home soon!!!!! YAY!!!! Still praying!