Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

turning a corner?

Ah, friends.
Things are getting done around hee-yah! I have neglected to show you the impeccable work that our friends, the Buss' helped us complete. They came for the weekend and lit a fire under us. The boys were able to dig and place all the posts for the fence around our 1/2 acre yard....whew! That was July.

KJ has since wrapped the posts with livestock fencing and built gates. Eventually there will be a
middle rail added, but for now, it's doing a great job keeping all our critters in.

I've finished some long-lingering projects.

My current color palette: gray with touches of turquoise, yellow, spring green, and orange...loving that combination. {hello, ubiquitous gray sweater and turquoise beaded bracelet}

Now, our visitors have seen that light fixture in our entryway...U.G.L.Y. Metal pieces are brass and the angled outer piece is oak. I wanted to pitch it as soon as Sweet Man hoisted his sweet behind up the sweet ladder and took it down. But Mrs. Buss helped me brainstorm a fix for it. I still kind of want to pitch it, but it has a bit of a reprieve with a little silver spray paint and left-over curtain fabric.

Our split-level entryway...awkward! There just isn't enough room for much. I left it bare for several months, but mail and keys and shoes were being left on the landing anyway. So, instead of beating them, I'm trying join them by placing that old mosaic table Sweet Man and I made years ago.


I hung pictures! The pictures that I took down before we left for Houston, y'all. Most of them are pictures of my babes, but caught up in the project I printed new pictures, y'all! Like memories from 2010. Progress! {Ignore the wonkiness, please.}

And now a sweet story: We're in the market for a couch or sectional for the living room...there are no cushiony spots for our sweet behinds upstairs. I spotted a lovely green beast for a song on Craigslist, being sold at a weekend yard sale. I showed Sweet Man and we made plans to whisk our babes out of bed Saturday morning to be there at opening. 

Wah-wah...the sectional was already sold...apparently a popular item. But we stayed and gazed at some beautiful French country/vintage/handmade items. Our host, Cecelia, happens to be a prolific artist who was preparing to move to Oklahoma. Not seeing anything of interest to them, my family stepped outside and I found myself in a room with Cecelia and an older woman...both lovely ladies. The older woman turned to me and said, "I'm going to tell you something, woman to woman. You make sure that you are doing something for yourself every day so that you don't end up like me. I see you taking care of your husband and kids, but you need to take care of you."

Now, gentle readers, I do puh-lenty to take care of my own needs, downright selfishly sometimes. Not a problem for me. But I was touched by the sharing of her story in that moment. Mother of 4, heartbreakingly burying two children, surrounded by possessions laced with memories that remind her of pain and heartache. She has just recently realized that she was too busy giving herself to those around her to have anything to mark moments for herself, projects or momentos. She captured Cecelia and me in that moment with her wisdom. With tears in our eyes, we asked some gentle questions. She confirmed that she is living with the hope of Jesus, allowing Him to heal her heart, teaching her to live. She spoke for a few more minutes.

I hugged her and thanked her for her precious words, that speaking them gave purpose to her pain. And giggled as I remarked that obviously I was not there to get a couch, but to get a word.

I didn't leave empty-hearted or handed...I bought this perfect piece for our entryway. I love it for oh, so many reasons.

You know you are all welcome here...even if we don't have a place for your sweet behind to sit...and we won't necessarily put you to work.


Debby said...

Hi There. What a sweet post. Those words sure make you think, don't they. I love that piece that you bought. Do you follow Farm Girl Paints. This reminded me of her. She has telephone wires and poles painted on a wall in her house. Miss you.

Amanda Buss said... LOVE the painting/ are so great at decorating and making your home a home...I still like your funky light..I know you're not sure about it...but i think it's pretty groovy!

Most of all, I love how God meets with us, and puts us in places that we are supposed to be...He has you in the palm of his hand, sweet friend, right where you are!!! I love you! Can't wait to see you next weekend!! Mandy