Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Monday, October 4, 2010

Roscoe Village

Roscoe Village is a living history canal village demonstrating life in the mid-19th century. I had been there when I was in grade school and again with Sweet Man while I was pregnant with Bug. A couple of weeks ago Roscoe had a homeschool day.

Half expecting radical, frenzied home educators {of which I consider myself one} would be throwing elbows and pulling all sorts of shenanigans to get in on the one-day deals, we actually arrived on time in the morning {will wonders never cease?} But I was pleasantly surprised when we were one of only two groups there. Boy, I felt badly for the hapless civilians who had endure our group of about 15 kids & 7 adults throwing elbows and pulling shenanigans. Just kidding, we were well-behaved; just a big group. And I had to give Bug the stink eye a couple of times when he just wouldn't hush during a presentation.

Highlights of the day were the print shop and the antique toy display.

attentive kids in the schoolhouse...first stop of the day

period kitchen: butter churn & presses, washboard and handmade lye soap 

making dinner on the fire

the village doctor

the smithy holding up a nail he just made 

view from the upper deck of the canal boat


the print shop
antique tin toys

outside the ice cream shoppe

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Debby said...

I love the last picture. Such a neat place to visit.