Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Monday, October 25, 2010

Whirlwind weekend

Saturday evening, with just enough chill in the air, under a full moon, my friend Sarah married her sweet man. I'm blissed out for her. {Since I didn't okay it with her, I won't show faces, but these gorgeous flowers are safe. They're my favorite...I carried white hydrangea for my wedding.} I'm thankful my sweet man indulged me a quick trip to Ohio to join in her celebration. And we couldn't have done it had his parents not taken us in for the weekend and watched the kiddos Saturday eve.

Just to round out the fun a bit, we caught one of my brother's last shows with a great band. He's in 3, but One Under is my favorite of them. This clip is from over a year ago, but it gives you an idea. He's the bass player {on the left.} Note the requisite white-man-playing-bass head bob around 4:30 into the clip. Alas, the lead singer/guitar/songwriter is moving to Colorado, so One Under will be no more. This is a fitting song to hear, indeed.

Sunday, we went to church with Sweet Man's sister and her family. She even sent us on our way with very full fajita bellies...we should ambush them more often.

We arrived back in Bloomington last night. Shooooo-weeee!

Trick-or-treating is Thursday, if we get their costumes finished, that is. I'm in charge of Bean's; Sweet Man creates Bug's. And surely we must find another pumpkin themed activity...we haven't hit our quota, yet.

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