Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Home sweet

Hey, y'all!

We did it...the ball that we began rolling back in September picked up speed and barreled away from me me as I watched helpless and full of uncertainty. We are in the midst of a move.

Bug, Bean, & I closed the door on our home of 11 years yesterday. I kept my cool until after the (really nice) movers left...well, except for when those sweet friends of mine gave me last hugs. With one kiddo in the car crying and one kid walking with me through each room (who actually found my dough hook that had rolled out of reach of the movers - yay!) I bawled...and said, "I loved you, house...but I hated you, too." So silly, huh? It really was a great house...both babes knew their first days there. Bean was born there. Parties and Christmases and projects and much life there.

What an interesting be moved. I felt fairly lazy, watching the guys work for 2 days. Until the last 3 or 4 hours when I got busy finding more things to throw on the truck...porch rug, vacuum cleaner (finally finished sweeping,) and a plunger (uh, duh...very valuable item, thank you.) Good golly, after purging 5 years ago, how did we fill half a semi with stuff? Consumerism, blech.... And then there was so much randomness that was shoved into every available space in my car. My little vagon vas crammed full...unsafely so. After a unload at my dad's house, we headed west. Be glad I didn't swing by your house, dear reader.

I can't say that uncertain feeling has left me yet. We're back in a hotel...familiar territory to us. Hot breakfast is a walk across the parking lot. Clean towels available. Fresh coffee all. day. long. We are fine, but we are edgy (in a psychological sense)  here on the edge of a new city. We're waiting for the paperwork to allow us to get our new keys. All our worldly possessions are on still on a truck.

And I'm eating everything in sight...yeah, it's bad.

It will probably be Christmas eve when we gain possession and who knows when we will unload the truck. I gladly don't have any control of this sitch. The fun begins once we begin to unpack.

I'm already very grateful that Sweet Man loves his new job. It helps even out those "what the h*** are we doing?" moments.

Today, the kids and I escaped the stale hotel air and drove around Englewood Reserve. Since we were so close, we just had to do a drive by of the new house. More specifically, we went up the hill to the park that backs up to our new backyard. We followed the walking path to the back fence of the property and I felt a smidge more certainty in that moment. My my, I think it's going to be a fine house for us. Sure, there is a wall that we want to remove immediatement and a kitchen to remodel. Sweet Man thinks he will do it soon and this time we'll know a bit better what we are doing. The backyard is a blank canvas. We have lots of work ahead...but it's a great house.

But gosh, what a good life I just left.

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