Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Houston, we problem....

We went to the Space Center Houston for our Sunday-funday outing. But not until after we attended another fantastic church - Gateway Community - there's somethin' about these Texas churches: all large, but surprisingly organized, welcoming, fun for kiddos, and Spirit-filled. do they do that?

We are in the thick of NASA country. I didn't realize that fact until I started to pass cross streets named Gemini, Moon Rock, and NASA Parkway (that was a big clue.) I discovered that we could spit and hit "Rocket Park" and the Space Museum, so today was the day to visit - Sweet Daddy didn't want to miss it.

A-mazing - really - I can't get my head around how these scientists did simple things, like how do radio signals reach to the shuttles in orbit? Not to mention, how do they get those big things through our atmosphere and out there? and back? Seeing footage of astronauts tethered to the shuttles, but basically floating free in space - yikes!

The exhibits were awe-inspiring. The knowledge and technology that God has allowed man to develop is stunning. As a frequent small-space dweller, the efficient use of space was particularly inspiring - if you've ever seen the footage of the astronaut who runs the inner walls of a pod: he's running on storage cases mounted to the inside of the pod - suitcases, really. We walked through a replica of that pod. And they even gave props to the Russians in the space race. I was puzzled that the Challenger and Columbia tragedies were not specifically honored, but is it possible that we missed some exhibits? (fighting cynicism, here)

Lots of the information was over my head. There was a certain concentration of space geeks, speaking all manner of languages - so for kids, some of the exhibits were not so engaging. But they have the coolest playspace for kids. We spent oodles of time there.

And I have 2 more words for any of you who may travel this way, someday: Lupe Tortilla: good Mexican food. The one here in Clear Lake/Webster has a big sand area for the young'uns to play - fun, fun! Sunday-funday!

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