Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Randomness

Total cop~out today. Those of us on Facebook  know these lists are rampant right now. Here's mine for you non~FB people.

P.S. Check out my new playlist. "Lucky" is a great Valentine's Day song; "Somebody More Like You" is not.  Oh, and "Wedding Dress" has some PG language.

My list of random things::
1. I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of cowboy boots

2. Healthy eating is a nice idea, but I can't walk past discounted baked goods - shocker - the day old rack - I don't always buy, but I always look

3. I have little tolerance for people who are not real with me - real, good or bad - but I struggle with being real myself

4. I am extremely grateful to my parents for teaching me to read, swim and read music - if I can help my children learn those things I'll be pleased 

5. Clutter is my enemy (not in others' houses - but my own)- I really appreciate surfaces free of stuff and rarely achieve it

6. I have had 5 perfect days in my life and plan on having more

7. I don't like snow, unless I'm watching it through a window as I sit next to a roaring fire

8. I'm a different person when I can see/hear/smell the ocean

9. My husband is the perfect man for me - he is unconditional love in the flesh

10. Good live music feeds my soul

11. I wish I were more freely creative - anything I make is usually a stolen idea

12. I must shave my legs everyday - not for you, for me (even on a backpacking trip, right, girls?) 

13. My childhood memories are few but mostly fond, especially summers at SVP

14. I was in a bad accident when I was young, but I was not severely injured

15. I want everyone to know/experience/believe the deep love of God

16. I am very thankful that God doesn't stop communicating with me, even though my default mode is to ignore Him

17. I am not religious - but I love the freedom of true worship of the One God

18. I love to read - but all the conditions have to be just right for me to finish something - uninterrupted quiet with a book that doesn't waste my time

19. Someday I would like to earn my pilot's license

20. I want to raise a dog and chickens 

21. More often than I should, I make grand proclamations about a change I want to make in my life, and usually I fall flat on my face

22. I miss my Granny and Gramps - they really loved me (and all my cousins) and I them - my good dreams take place in their house

23. I think my kids are enchanting, especially when they sleep - and no one else has to agree with me

24. Much to my husband's and my chagrin, I really like reality TV - that's as specific as I'm going to be

25. I don't like perfume or cologne, but LOVE the smell of clean clothes

26. Among my favorite things are clean sheets and new wiper blades

27. I have the tendency to speak the wrong thing at the wrong moment, but when I write, I feel more confident - I obsess and edit and tweak and if you ever read my blog, you'll notice I change old posts

28. My favorite beer is Belhaven Scottish Ale - I have approximately one a year

29. I don't mind blood but am no help whatsoever with foot injuries - I'll probably faint if I even hear about one

30. I fainted once listening to the story of a foot injury - it was when Amie Patin's little sister stepped on a needle - uuuuuhhhhhh, here I go 

31. I've lived in the south 3 times now, but there seems to be a big rubberband on my ankle snapping me back to Central Ohio

32. I am different than I was 2 years ago because of what God taught me through Celebrate Recovery. And I want to be different in 2 more years.

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