Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Few more thoughts

bMy thoughts and my conversations keep going back to these Kenyan bloggers...very touching, provoking on the Compassion widget to the right and you can see the collection as the posts continue to come in. This week, I'm learning so much more about the organization and the way it works. (The focus is on Kenya in this season, but always aware that need is global as is Compassion International's response.)

The bloggers are meeting sponsored kids who refer to their sponsors with a word that means "hero." They know about, talk about, share news about their sponsors. They treasure the letters and gifts that come from miles away.

Sponsorship evokes celebration and joy. That is profound and humbling to me. And convicting that I am not taking our role in Wilma's life more seriously...I'm not talking to my children about her as much as I should. I'm not praying for her as much as I should. And that I don't have more Wilmas in my life...through Compassion, Campus Crusade (here's another partnering opportunity with Sara!!,) or down the street. I'm not anyone's hero, to be sure...I am common and broken and sleepy...but we all have need and we all have a Savior.

I have lulled myself to sleep with the comforts of this TV, my stocked pantry, my clutter, my squandered time. I live in the Land of Nod. Lord, help me to remember my need for you. Keep waking me up from my overfed, overstuffed, apathetic slumber.  

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