Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The call

Here we an undisclosed location, resting, planning, exploring new technologies, practicing our weaponry skills (okay, okay...we're up in the lovely Valley, enjoying a brief stay here)...and the PharmPhone rings....

Sweet Man is needed on assignment in NY/NJ...tomorrow. 

That's the life of my hero...jetting off to help those wiped out in storms put their lives back in some order.

And I take it all in stride...graciously, saying, "Love, how can I help you?" (errrrrrrrrkk...(hear the scratched vinyl as the needle is wrenched across it...)

Grumbling immediately erupted in my I have become accustomed to having my sweet and hairy man around. For almost 2 months work-y, lots of par-tay...

And we do have important and sort-of complicated plans at the end of the month. What do I do? What does this mean for my plans?

Grumbling, my mind began to swim...okay, if he goes to NY and I need to get there sans enfants for my cousin's wedding.... Do I leave them here, go to the event, travel back to fetch them, then back to join him? Or do I figure out how to take the babes with me and we pack to stay beyond the wedding for a long east coast adventure? And what do I do with them while we attend the evening wedding? I sat to stop the dizzies. I couldn't talk.... 

I decided to take advantage of my co-parent for possibly the last time in a long while and went for a long walk. You may know I'm a plan-for-the-worst, pray-for-the-best kinda woman, and so it plan ~ ha!

Get back to the house after taking Sweet Man to the airport, start packing, figure out a contingency plan if the house sells and we need to empty it (don't even get me started on that subject,) pray, talk to the involved parties, see what my childcare options may be, consider not attending the wedding, on and on and on.

I walked in a fairly straight line for an hour, even though my head spun.

Walking back up the driveway, I spotted him in the garage. Of course, cool as a cucumber...drives me crazy that he can be so calm, most especially when I'm not. I hurried to his arms to ask him what he wanted me to do.... After all, we signed up for this. I push and muddle through. I can do this...with him...and Him. 

He had talked to his boss...and was about to call his team manager. I listened in...shushing the babes and sweeping the floor...round and round.

He said goodbye. They've called me off. I'm not going. 

Okay, then...thanks for the reality check. Carry on...I'll be taking a nap after all that excitement.


Rita Johnson said...

I already knew the end of the story but my heart was still racing as I read your blog. Glad you were only up in the air for a short time.

Did Kevin express to SF the dilemma it put you both in?

Gypsy Momma said...

Nope, he was ready to go. When we say we signed up for this...we just have to be ready for him to go, regardless what our plans are. We asked for a little accomodation when Mom was sick...but not for regular life stuff.