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Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sure shots

Well, not sure.

Soapbox alert: I am venturing into a controversial topic of vaccinations...what I know is my experience, my research, and the guidance in my gut of the One I Love. And as always, there is no judgment here...this is where my family and I and yours are probably in a different place.

Medical stuff...I proceed cautiously. I shiver at the thought of altering body chemistry because someone has told me I should.

The vaccine schedule set by the AAP is ridiculous, IMHO. Regardless of the anecdotal and scientifically gathered information that there are inherent risks in vaccines...that a body may be forever altered because of a shot...not to mention that I feel that some vaccines are made unethically...and all are pushed on people who may not know or feel compelled to examine the information given to them by the very ones who profit from selling the vaccines... yeah, put all that aside.... 

Back in the day, it made me sick to my stomach to consider giving my 2 month old sweet babe several doses of stuff in one day...the same amount that would be given to a 12 year old child or an adult. No, thank you.

So, today, our pediatrician was composed and as sweet as ever as we discussed vaccinations. I felt no condescension or impatience. We've had an understanding that she will continue to broach the subject during our visits and I will continue to consider them. 

You see, today, I have become a delayed-vaccines momma. Previously, I was a no-vaccines momma. But now that my kids are bigger and I feel like I know a bit more...never will I know enough, ever, ugh...the doc and I came to a compromise. One shot per visit...and only the few I feel are necessary. Off the list are the vaccines for the illnesses from which I believe our bodies can recover naturally.

I didn't tell them until we were in the office that they would be getting shots. Bug was brave and went first. Bean held back and was hesitant and then she cried. No fainting this time. Big brother had words of encouragement and hugs for her. Stickers and a sucker helped, too.

Coming home, lunch was a priority, so I put out a smorgasbord of veggies, fruit, and hard-boiled eggs to eat with toothpicks.

Bug almost immediately saw a connection that I had not intended. He gave his egg shots. 

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Julie said...

All that build up - drama and angst - and then you have me laugh out loud?!