Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Op. Ed. Part II

Taxing business to build revenue?

History teaches us that government does not ever make money; it spends money and at this point it is spending money it doesn't and may never have. When government implements a new program, it goes on whether vital or obsolete. Government agencies are not shut down. They go on in perpetuity. The current administration and Congress are not the only to hold accountable...I get it.

Only ideas, services, industry generate revenue. But we have fostered consumption instead of creation. And developed greater dependence on the government. 

Higher taxes do not help businesses. When a business adds an extra expense for nothing in return, it must cut some other expense. The quality or quantity of the goods/services must therefore suffer. Employees must either be paid less or downsized.  Increasing taxes on businesses can only weaken them.  Further taxing limits growth, drives away business, and debilitates a company's fiscal health. If excessive tax drives a business out, where then do we recover that revenue?

(Also on my "to be read" stack is more info on the Fair Tax and the Flat Tax, 'cuz I don't get that stuff at all.)

Bottom line: I'll keep my babies, my Bible, my (husband's) guns, and my money (to paraphrase Hank Williams, Jr.) I'll support your right to disagree and continue to worship the One who is in control.

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