Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Friday, July 31, 2009

Beyond blessed

Hi, Sweet Friends,

It's Friday and I sit this glorious evening on MY porch in my new FREE chair. Oh yes, I've been "Yard-sale"ing and the booty is plentiful. I know, it's becoming an obsession.

It has been a great week...a challenging one. But in light of all, really great. The body of Christ is alive and well in my Momma's life (and mine.) I cannot keep track of the blessings she has received. There are friends at every turn offering help, time, food, flowers, and especially prayer. And she is better this week. More independent and sassy.

Anyway, here are snapshots:

* found a pesky receipt that had eluded me

* caught up with two of my momma's sisters and introduced my babes to one of them for the first time

* spent 2 normal days with my babes...doing puzzles, making bread, general puttering

* visited our hometown Children's museum with a sweet friend and our 5 babes

* unpacked 4 6 bins of my stuff...aahhhh

* been present as a another sweet friend delivered a gorgeous baby girl

* gotten the yard, the pool and the house under control, well almost

* had several enlightening and encouraging phone conversations, especially one with my Recovery sponsor...

* indulged in appetizers for dinner with a sweet friend...yum! just what I needed.

* officially taken the house of the market...the sign and the lock box are gone (watch, now we'll get an offer and consider it...)

* sent my babes off to my terrific in-laws for three days, which coincides with the primo yard-sale-ing days of the week...not planned, but embraced...

* listened to three podcast sermons on 3 bike rides. Rob Bell from Mars Hill Detroit oozes can listen here. And I'm talking, like every sentence from Bill Johnson hits between the eyes...

* found these on my porch...beautiful!

* scored $100's of homeschooling books for about $50 at a yard sale! Because, oh yeah, I am about to be the momma of an official kindergartner...eeek!

* had a friend insist that every Wednesday evening for the forseeable future, she will stay with my babes to give me a break

* received news that my sweet man is being transferred to an office in Cincinnati...road trip to Cincy to stay for part of next week! Lots of catch-up hugs and kisses!

* prayed like never before, not out of fear...I am not impressed by cancer; I am confident in my God.

So good week, and I'm ready to tackle the next.

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