Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So very busy...I know you all are, too. We survived, dare-I-say-it, even thoroughly enjoyed our Fourth of July weekend (although we were missing Mimi and Opa.) But no time to rest. Here's a snapshot of our "Sweet Man's last week off, hurry, cram-it-all-in" week:

1 last berry pick (I think I'm done for this season...and I'm healing nicely, thank you)
2 dentist appointments
3 new undershirts for ring bearer suit (I know we only need one, but where can I buy just one?)
4 parties to attend
5 days to inhabit our old house
6 attempts at a suitable flower girl updo
7/8/09 - today's date
8 hours of sleep needed nightly - not gonna happen last week or this
9 (x13) pan of lemon/lime squares to be baked sometime tomorrow between events for a Friday barbecue
10+ bags to transport to our empty old house
11 items to iron by Friday pm, but don't have an iron...hmmm
12 hours spent in an important class...which I suggest you all consider taking...ask me later ;)

We're straddling the counties as we try to live in two places. The wedding of dear friends is this weekend in addition to other activities I just can't stand to miss. Can't avoid it anymore and we're going to stay in the house (still on the market) for a while to cut down on the drive time. Weird, but somehow so right. Don't know where we'll be next week. Sweet Man may have a new assignment somewhere, out there...and we're eagerly awaiting to be let in on God's plan for Mimi. It's a big week. Yep, I'm crazier than usual.

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