Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Friday, February 12, 2010

In the spirit

We <3 the Olympic games...really "stop life, gather round the glow of the telly for hours" devotion. I may not even answer my phone during...oh, wait, I rarely answer my phone on the best of days...anyway....

Although we will be on Florida's east coast for 9 of the Olympic's 16 days, our attention will be on the snow and ice of British Columbia.

And instead of doing our usual school curricula (and so I don't have to lug it to the beach,) we are trying out the educational resource of lapbooks

Tonight, the children are asleep but not in bed, the television is on, and I'm entranced with the Opening Ceremony. I'm sure I will get the shivers at the lighting of the's really one of the coolest spectacles ever, in my humble opinion. Imagine, if that gets me goin', what it will be like to see the Light of the world.

And just to really get in the spirit...we went ice-skating again today. And we <3'd that, too. I am a proud momma. Both babes are doing really well on the ice, but this boy of mine...he'd fall and smile and get right back up. We'd agree to do a couple more laps and when we were done, he'd negotiate for a few more. My apologies that this video is shaky and sideways...I'll have to remember not to turn my phone when I am capturing future precious moments...and maybe I should have stopped skating myself.

What a great couple of weeks we've had, with Sweet Daddy at home with us...and being snowed in for just the right amount of time....all kinds of other adventures...and soon, off to the beach (leaving Monday...don't cry for me.)

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