Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christmas card album

My longtime friend (remember, I don't call anyone old...especially as I approach 4-0) who has creative, fantastic designs, shared this wonderful idea with me a few years ago.

You know all those precious photos you receive in Christmas cards or as the cards? I told her that I can't bear throwing them out. For all those parents who bathe, coordinate, and primp their families  into looking spectacular for a photo shoot (not us!) or the engaged sending their "save the date" pics...seems unjust to toss them along with the junk mail to be covered with coffee grounds, right?

So, she suggested this solution: take an inexpensive photo album that holds 5 x 7's and put photos/cards in it. (Trimming is sometimes necessary to slip pics in.) Love it!

This is our third year keeping the album, so we don't take photos out from year to year unless we have an updated picture to replace an older one.

It is a great tool when we are on our far-off adventures with Sweet Daddy...a fine way for the kids to see and think and pray about people we may not see often enough: grandparents, friends, missionaries we support...and it mitigates the homesickness.

I mention it today because I just today found our black album in one of our black traveling trunks out in our dark and cold garage...anywhooo....Bean promptly ripped our book out of my hands and hasn't put it down since.

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rausch921 said...

love this idea, i've been just throwing them in a box for years