Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life's a beach

I can confess to you after the fact that I have been wondering...what are we doing here? Vacationing in a strange, bustling city without a car. Where we can only seem to get sketchy information from our hotel hostess. With a hotel neighbor who continues to remind us that our children are too noisy. In a neighborhood where our slow strolling must be punctuated with strategic redirecting of our young reader's eyes so that he does not have time to decipher the saucy t-shirt slogans.

Yes, and exactly how much is it going to cost us to be here? And just where is our travel agent? That would be me.

Sweet Man, who is ever skillful at redirecting me in my second-guessing moments (they actually drive him quite batty after 10.5 years and he can anticipate them before I speak,) even said something to the effect of: Hmmm, stuck here without a car...snow-bound at home? Which would I prefer?

Oh, yeah, I was taking him down with me on yesterday's overcast afternoon. We didn't move far from our bed. Finally, we mustered the gumption to saunter down the promenade to the CVS to try and find mac & cheese for under $4 a box. Very exciting.

But today...days like today are what compel me seaside. And seaside we were...almost entirely. The water was turquoise and refreshing, but very swimmable. International sun worshippers filled in the beach. We saw manatees making their ways up and down the coast. Bug and Bean dug and built and laughed as the waves licked their creations. I finished my latest Anne Rivers Siddons book...perfect beach read.  We each only have a few small rosy patches of evidence to account for spending 5+ hours in the sun. And no mutiny...ha!

Apres-beach, we enjoyed baths and naps and Go Fish and Sweet Man's grilled chicken....

And I'm learning some valuable lessons about making future vacation plans.

By the by, that lapbook plan...not really happening. Oh yes, we are watching the Olympics, but not much schoolwork is being done. As of Thursday, I declared this week Spring Break.

Spring Break rocks...or as my brother would say...Eat, &$**?, tattoo. He's saucy...and we all know I'm not getting a tattoo...yet. I've thought about getting life's a beach or something else appropriate. Oh, and there have been multiple opportunities here. Nope, I've passed them all up, for now.

As the overwhelming majority of the days in my life can be described: I have everything I need and more. Hmmm, might be a good inscription on my forearm.

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Julie said...

Way to go on the aperture or whatever it is that makes those colors pop on your fabulous family!! I love you distracting the young readers eyes! Ack!