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Psalm 63:3

Friday, May 8, 2009


My Bug is challenging me in old ways and I just can't get a handle on it. Maybe some advice, please? In 3 particular types of situations we lose all ration and reason with each other. When he becomes scared or frustrated, he crumples...psychologically and sometimes physically. A classic example was when he received a pitching machine and became so frustrated that he couldn't hit each ball exactly the way he wanted, he threw his bat and a full out fit. 

Or when he feels like he's being teased, usually by his sister.

Or today, we were at a park and Bean had to go to the bathroom. No one else was around, so I was helping her into the restroom, intending to kind of straddle the door to keep an eye on each of them. Well, he became scared about being left alone on the playground. Okay, come with us. He passed an old mouthpiece on the ground with gunk growing in it. He saw it and freaked out and ran wailing and whimpering. At which point, I just told him to sit down, he was being ridiculous. 

See, I am so intolerant, that I just tell him to sit and be quiet. My reaction is intensified if I think others are being imposed upon. And it's happening all the time. Is it our new life? It has happened since he was three and I keep thinking he'll grow out of it. What can I do? 

I want to let him experience and work through his own emotions...I think I'm just learning to do that...but he becomes so irrational. And I have no compassion or patience for it....Help! It is a #2 on my prayer list.

P. S. He just woke up from a nap, walked over to the trash can and peed in it......Lord, help us. I'm signing off....

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Bekah said...

My only know he still getting 10-12 g protein every morning? (equivalent of 2 eggs, or an egg and some nuts, egg w/ cottage cheese, etc.) If you do that 4 days in a row, expect a dramatic change by the 4th day if that's at least part of the issue. For some reason, takes 4 days for the protein to manufacture tryptophan and get converted to seratonin etc. Just an idea, I know it's probably been harder to be consistent with the protein with traveling. We ran out of the protein powder I shake up in their milk for their cereal (there's no way I could cook eggs ev. morning, at least I say that), and Clarissa didn't have it for 3 days and she was wild-eyed and extremely emotional, could cry at the drop of a hat. Her 4th day back ON it is tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to it. :)