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Psalm 63:3

Friday, May 15, 2009

Two Powers

We have found a fantastic church here in Wichita.  Bug and Bean had so much to say on the way home about the puppet show, the inflatables and yes, even the lesson they learned in the Kids' Area. Last Sunday's sermon at New Spring church was great.

The senior pastor gave the sermon and two times he said, (paraphrasing) "The first time Christ came, He died on the cross. The next time He comes, He's taking over." 

The statement reminds me of an article I read in Christianity Today (April 2009) called "Serving a Two-Handed God."  (Click and read it, I urge you.) The author illustrates the two powers of God...the demonstrative power to create, heal, smite, etc. (the Right-hand of God) and the submissive power of "turning another cheek," refusing the temptation to save Himself in the desert or on the Cross (which is referred to as the Left-hand of God.) The article goes as far as describing "the power of Good Friday" and "the power of Easter Sunday." 

Here are some questions for me (and you if you wanna think about them after you read the article!!!): What is power: a strike in an attempt at order or the withholding of might? How am I seeing the power of God? For what kind of power do I ask when I pray? What kinds of examples of God's power can I recognize in my life?

The meditation of the two powers has helped me grab a foothold on the age-old question of "Why does Almighty God allow such evil?" Don't ask me to articulate an answer just yet, thank you. And don't ask my husband either unless you are ready for an expository analysis of the symbolism of Star Wars or the Matrix...uh, yea. (Actually, the English major in me totally gets into those discussions.)

In other news: Our time in Wichita grows short. The babes and I will be leaving Tuesday to head home. (Better let the Valley know they should prepare for an invasion, or maybe I just did....) Don't know when we will join Sweet Daddy again, but we will probably not be back in KS for now. Bummer, 'cuz I really like it here, like really more than Hoo-ston, even. As always, I reserve the right to change life plans for myself and those in my charge...wielding the little control I have...HA! But I do have to catch you up on a little fun we had this week...later.

Signing off, 
the Queen of the Ellipse

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