Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Friday, May 1, 2009


Yesterday, I sort of checked was a "no shower for Momma, too much screen time" kinda day. 

But this morning confirms again why I am a blessed momma.

It started as a rainy morning here in the Valley. We were snuggling, watching news and discussing plans for the day. Bug cozied up to me and said,"Mom, can we finish the Charlie book?" We've been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and as of last night we had 3 chapters left. All the rascals had been picked off and only Charlie and Grandpa Joe remained with Mr. Wonka. How could we stop there, you ask? It was 9:30, Bean wasn't paying a lick of attention, and I was drifting off to Sleepytown ( ;), MLG.) 

So, snuggling to finish a great book is my idea of a fantastic morning...yes, Bug, we shall finish the book and we did. Oh, I do hope he is becoming hooked on reading.

After a few rounds of Hi-Ho Cherry-O (my least favorite boardgame ever, ugh...,) I went outside to retrieve something from the van...I make endless trips out there, especially now that I am "packed" to hit the road...and discovered this little guy. 

A rescue mission ensued, mostly to protect him from Bean...she's like that Looney Tunes character who loves creatures 'til they hurt. We got our boots on and made a trip to the spring and let "Sally the Salamander" go back to his family.

The sun made its appearance. A little further down stream we played with sticks and "seaweed" and sang "Do, a Deer." My kind of morning...we're in a beautiful place with wonderful people taking care of us. 

Grandpa J just got back from turkey hunting and brought back...mushrooms...Grandma J is smiling.

I'm heading to see my momma get some more news and see if I can start "shoveling" a bit. I may even see my little brother and a few good friends.

I love my life...can I start to love the challenges..? Maybe. God is good, all the time. No matter what. I can be sure.

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rausch921 said...

Sound like you had a GREAT morning. Makes me wish we had had some of that here. I don't know where the morning went. Hope the rest of your day is good. :)