Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Creation, day 1

We're here. Creation Festival Northeast 2009. We had a little hiccup in plans when a friend alerted us to the soggy state of Agape Farm. Most of the year, this farm is home to many head of cattle...they clear them out for many head of people...about 70,000.

He cautioned us against bringing the mondo camper (~12,000 lbs.) as so many cars were becoming stuck in the fields and the staff was not allowing any driving into the fields. So we scrambled. Another friend, who was carvaning with us to the Festival, offered his tent. Plan B is on.

Now the kitchen is assembled, tent is up, baby pool is filled, drinks are on ice. We're here, we're set up, and we're hot. Oh, yeah, there's music, too.

When God got a'hold of me again 12 years ago, I was already in love/awe of live music. I was often traveling to see the Grateful Dead, Ekoostik Hookah, and others. It was a significant part of my life. They were fun but foggy days. But after I had recommitted my life to Him, I felt it would be better to leave that part of my life behind...not the enjoyment of the music (because I still love it,) but some of the other things that came along with the lifestyle. God showed me this alternative...Creation Festival: a week of camping and music and boogeying down and fun. Yes, please. He knows me, so well.

We've been coming for 11 years and there are many memories, to remember and to make. Sweet Man and I became engaged on the mountain here at Agape Farm. We meet up with friends from NY and PA and camp every year. What fun to see our kids become friends, too.
It's a week of worship with little distraction except surviving the heat and playing cards. I love it. Tonight the festival officially starts and continues through Sunday morning.

It is so worth's the closest to heaven I'll get on earth. And you can come with us next year....

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