Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Play Day

A whole day dedicated to play...yay! Tuesdays are good days for us to hang out in Licking County because I like to go to Celebrate Recovery on Tuesday nights. I'm always glad when I go, last night is no exception...God continues to change me and others through that group.

So with that in mind and after a little email chat with a bestie (Starr Strung uses that term; I'm just trying it on for size) we set up a morning play date at a splendid, but little known park. We met at 10 and though the weather threatened to be rainy, it brightened up by the time we got there. Really quite perfect. We knit and crocheted, talked, kids played...and then lunch. Another MOP friend was there with her daughter, nice surprise.

I did squeeze some not so fun errands in...Verizon, Kohls returns, water sample to pool store. Kids were troopers as usual.

And I lost my phone AGAIN and had to back track...second time in a week...someone's messing with me. 

We headed to another bestie's house to play and swim...and drink tea...again just right. We both are trying to curb our complaining...and did a fine job...well, she did. I fell into that ditch a little. Why is it so easy for me to discuss the yucky stuff of life when if I stop and think about it for a split second, I am too blessed, much more than I deserve....

Oh, and I found my phone.

I wanted to squeeze in one more visit with another bestie before CR, just to make things really a dinner out was the ticket. Good, quick meal with her husband and all the kids. 

Shoulda taken more pictures to share...ah, well.

So glad to hear the speaker at CR share about his victory. I've been thinking today about what he said: the sin we have committed does not define us...the closer we come to God, we separate ourselves from it and the power of the secret sin disappears. We don't have to sink into our identities as alcoholics, anorexics, people pleasers, pornography addicts, victims, etc...and we don't have to keep living in the sin...easy enough to say, sometimes harder to live, but still liberating stuff....

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