Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, we settled in our new place...and I turned on the TV. It's surreal...I recognize the weatherwoman's face and I know the towns of which she speaks. It is not a foreign land.

We are home...sorta, kinda.

Close to home would be more another lovely hotel, close to home. A hotel I've actually stayed in with my parents about 20 years ago. It's older but still very nice. 

Strange...that company for which my husband works so very hard  putting us in a hotel when we could just stay in our house. I'm not asking too many questions, though. No one has ever accused me of being the squeaky wheel.

Sweet Man's office is down the road from our nephew's school. We're making plans with friends. We may even run into people we know. But technically we are "on the road."

Our own church was close enough to attend this morning...I've mentioned that people hug me and mid-squeeze say, "I thought you moved to Texas!" Seems so silly to explain it to people, so I have stopped. Who really cares anyway?

Speaking of my sweet man toiling away...we're a year into this new lifestyle. Before we signed on to the traveling gig, there were ongoing negotiations between Sweet Man and me. He explained his potential pay increase to be comparable to me taking on a part time job. A part time job with perks: child care provided by a trusted family member, free private education, pool maintenance, meal preparation, light housekeeping, accounting, personal shopping, etc. The spin he put on it still makes me smile.

Well, if I hadn't been earning that part time income up until now, I certainly have in the past weeks. Specifically, Saturday....whew! The man has been working his tail off...and he loves it...smiles all through it, in fact. In turn, I have been working my tail off, figuratively oh, how I wish it was literally off. I don't smile so much, and grumble some...but feel pretty purposeful.

So we're bringin' home the bacon...and letting the wonderful hotel staff fry it up and serve it with our complimentary, hot breakfast.

I'm still loving this life.

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