Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Monday, January 4, 2010


This little laptop is limping along and the limp may cause it to crash I'll take advantage and catch up. Posting from my phone is a nice idea...but not happening with these chubby fingers.

Christmas Eve was just right...hanging out with Opa, Uncle Nack, and Murphy. Pretty perfect...we walked on the golf course and built an extraterrestrial snow friend....

We went to church together and came back to open gifts. Changing it up this year helped, but we cried a little and told funny stories about Mimi.

So, being home this year (last year we had just arrived in Houston) and with Sweet Daddy only having Christmas Day off, we wanted to do everything...see everyone...craziness, really.

We decided to open our gifts at the hotel...second year in a row...Christmas morning away from home. Yummy breakfast made by someone else. Our traditions travel well, though... the first thing we do is look for the baby to complete our 2 manger scenes and singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. And we give 3 gifts each to the kids, like the baby Jesus, of course. Sounds like I came up with those ideas myself, doesn't it? Don't believe it...I women wiser than me.

Then two family celebrations...good fun. Presents, a talent show, lots and lots of Christmas carbs...oh my.

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