Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter hike

There's that moment I have before every excursion of any sort...usually as I'm just gaining consciousness in my warm bed...."I don't have to go. I could just stay here."

I'm glad I didn't allow that circling thought to land in this brain. So glad I reached out to the dark and the cold.

We hiked 7+ miles in the Hocking Hills...the annual Winter Hike. Five other friends from church went...none I knew very well Saturday morning...but I got to know each of them as we naturally rearranged our pairs as we walked. Love that. Sharing our stories on the path.

It was beautiful...the weather was warm enough to shed layers with the sun out but cool enough to keep the snow and ice.

There were just a whole lot of other people there enjoying it with us...we had to wait in line to start the trail...really.

Next year...I'll do the annual Winter Hike on a different day. Just was fun.

Kids were safe and sound in the Valley. I hustled back to Sweet Man and met friends (who we don't see nearly often enough) for dinner...

great hiking + wonderful, wise friends + 2 free fajitas dinners @Abuelo's (you, too, can have freebies) = one fantastic day

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Momma said...

OH AMY! These pics are fabulous! So sorry I didn't make it. Will try again for next year.
Yes, I have finally decided to take the leap into the 'world of blogging'. Just started my own yesterday! I may be picking your brain about ideas. Your blog looks great and I can get lost in it, but need to get back to school :(