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Psalm 63:3

Friday, April 30, 2010

Our day in pictures

Update:: we're stuck inside the hotel on this rainy day...I turned on the TV and happened upon a Little House episode...the kids and I are talking about the characters...who's fictional and who really I begin to realize that this episode is about Albert detoxing from morphine in glorious technicolor detail. Whaaaaat? I must have missed this one in my tweener years. I'm sorry...tragic, surely...riveting, you bet...I fully support and participate in the recovery process...but safe for a 6 and 4 yo? I get it...that hipster, Michael Landon had his finger on the 1980's pulse and was using the show as a vehicle to address the issues...nice. Where is that rascal Nellie...she's much more my speed. Oy, the questions....

Captain's Log, Thursday, April 29th::
I'm realizing how lame I must sound to some people...but of course, I had to record the events here on my bloggity/virtual scrapbook for myself. By all means, enjoy reading....because I was so excited about what we did today...not because I'm a homeschool mom::I am, but I am many other things, not because I love post Civil War American history::'cuz I don't, but because I loved reading Laura Ingalls Wilder books while I was growing up. Period...unashamedly lame.

I remember watching the TV series, too. Remember the episode of the blind school fire? Riveting suspense. Needless to say, I was disillusioned when today, Tour Guide Steve reminded me that so much of the TV series was really just Michael Landon's fantastic storytelling and embellishment...not biographical.

But the prospect of visiting a former home of Laura Ingalls Wilder...thrilling...even more so, because our family is almost finished reading Little House in the Big Woods. So, this weekend, as I studied the Iowa guidebook, I discovered that we were only 90 minutes away from her home in Burr Oak, where Ma and Pa helped another family run a hotel for a year...couldn't pass it up. We had some other lame fun adventures, too!

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