Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The end of the Pax Johnsona

It's happened...Sweet Man has been assigned. He got the call, for reals, this time. Off to Iowa...he's already there. Thus ends our 2 months of intact-nuclear-family-frequently-staying-in-our-own-home-two-fulltime-parents bliss (sorry, that's pushing the hyphen limit.) I lamented to friends today that I was just getting into a real schedule groove...efficiently erranding and consistently the babes were in my capable husband's hands. And he, in turn, had his own groove going...a balance of time with us and time off doin' what he do. 

I was awake off and on last night in anticipation of solo parenting and was fairly strung out after a pre-dawn trip to the airport. I downshifted into survival mode and just planned to get through the day. Shocker:: we had a fantastic day with a mega-playdate, chocolate chip banana bread, and a great trip to the library. 

Off the subject: my boy reads! It continues to surprise....he reads something well and I kind of tell myself it's a fluke and then I forget. But then he reads something else...with more challenging words. We read as a family all the time...for school and bed, but we don't work the phonics intensely or challenge him to read aloud all that much. Reading is just evolving. So tonight at the library, I let him loose and he picked out some really funny books that he can totally read. He read to us tonight at bedtime. And fell asleep reading. Very cool.

One last thing, we haven't decided if we will join SM in Iowa. He thinks he may be there as little as three weeks and all four of us would be a squeeze in his hotel room. But his birthday is the 23rd and I want to do something special for him, even if it is from afar. We are both terrible at giving each other gifts and have resigned ourselves to just picking out something for ourselves and calling it a "gift." So I need help...suggestions, ideas, schemes...send 'em my way. I've removed him from the feedburner, so he won't even see if he read the posts anyway. 

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