Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Conversations in the Car

We’re in the car a lot these days . And we have some memorable conversations. Today, Bean asked about birthdays which caused me to sigh because I anticipated some of the following conversation. God’s funny – He timed it all just right – Christmas/Jesus’ birthday, then 3 weeks later, Bean’s day, then 3 weeks later, Bug’s birthday. Those last three weeks become a bit unbearable with all the focus on presents and parties. Bug gets up each morning alert and looking for the sure sign that it is someone’s birthday – balloons. And he describes ad nauseum which cake and balloons he expects – ugh. Is God teaching Bug or me to be patient?

So the consummate big brother explains it to Bean often this time of year. “Now first (insert tongue cluck)’s Jesus’ birthday and then it’s your birthday and then….it’s my birthday.”

Well, she asked one god to “do” her birthday and a different god to "do" his birthday. And an explanation of the Trinity ensued – there is one God. He is so big and so great that we can call Him many different names. But yes, Jesus is Lord and he was the God who was a baby and grew up and died on the cross and now He’s everywhere, in believers’ hearts, and in heaven. Clear, right? To any preschool or fully-developed mind? To that she insisted, “God wants Ariel balloons for my birthday.”

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