Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Disclaimer: The following post is not witty nor cohesive; rather it's a look at this day with challenges and victories. And please do not be alarmed - the changes of the last 17 days are catching up with me, but all in all we are doing very well -to God be the glory. Just pray, as we do for you.

1. Hurried morning as we try to get to MOPS - lose my temper as we got ready to get out the door - that's when it always creeps up on me and before I know it we alternately frazzled/crying and far from fresh and sweet - in the midst of it, I say to Bean, "This is the one thing I've wanted to do all week and you're going to make me late for it." Poor momma - wah! Stellar moment....

2. MOPS meeting - big meeting; great speaker on Kids and Money, some sweet ladies - grow tired explaining my life situation (wah-wah), so I kind of stopped talking, but made some good connections

3. Change lunch plans - Sweet Man was busy for lunch, but his plans changed and he takes us to Subway! Veggie sub with pepper jack - yum!

4. Grocery shopping - I'll try to spend less than $100 today - I've fallen into a rhythm of shopping every 3 or 4 days. We think we might be moving to the other side of Houston soon, so I want to live like Old Mother Hubbard. Kids help with coupons - can't find tortillas - 42% Hispanic/Latino population here...where. are. the. tortillas? I give up - we're all sweating and tired. I did find 1/2 fat girl scout cookie ice cream - yes, please.

5. No park/playground today. We try to spend a couple hours each day doing outside fun stuff. But we (I) need nap.

6. Give up finding an open and accessible recycling center in a 15 mile radius - throw out the bags I've carried for a week in the back of the van.   :(  Apparently, it's not one of Houston's priorities.
7. Good naps.

8. As productive as our mornings usually are, once we get home from lunch things fall apart a little. Inevitably, the TV is comes on.  

9. Take frozen pizza out of the freezer. Fail to read the package (normal) so I don't know that I should not place it directly on the rack, but leave it in the little tray dealio. Minutes later, I hear hissing - open oven and find that the middle of the pizza is now on the bottom of the oven. Scrape what I can onto box. Discover that this oven does not have a self-clean feature (wah.) Call Kevin and ask him to bring home a pizza. At least I bought it with a coupon.

Are you seeing a theme? all my yay! moments have to do with food - which brings up the perennial problem - my weight. I haven't found a way to consistently exercise -I kick the soccer ball with the kids, or walk a bit at lunchtime - 2 or 3 times a week I get to the complex's  exercise room - but with indulging over Christmas and eating out as much as we are - ugh! I feel gross. I should go to the exercise room, now.....

10. Watch "Wall-E" with the snuggly family - cute movie. 

11. Find our house's listing on the web. Good picture - now a little homesick; email a few friends, now more homesick (wah.) (Mimi is coming next week - bringing a little bit of home with her.)

12. Off to bed - after this. No exercise, no ice cream.

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