Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a good morning, so far

Ideally, our mornings look like this:

1. Snuggle with my babes while watching Martha Speaks on PBS (Martha Peaks and Peaks and Peaks in Bean-ese)

2. Roust myself to go mash the "brew" button on the coffee maker - decaf, but I still have to have it

3. Start breakfast and feed rascals - fight the urge to open laptop - first things first

4. Take coffee and self into bathroom for Hot!!! longish shower - longish, partly because I am indulgent and partly because I add extra minutes for each time I am interrupted with a shriek, a child bursting in, or a toilet flush

5. Dress in whatever and encourage kids to do the same

6. Couch time - ideally 9ish - read Bible and assorted other books - Bug wants to read the whole Harcourt Phonics book (10 controlled reading stories) and Bean wants to hear the Max Lucado Collection (Christmas gift from Aunt Bethy) with the princess story

7. Free time - I get on laptop: check weather, email, and Facebook - maybe I clean up kitchen or fold laundry; kids play

8. Table time - Bug does letters, Bean draws - we do math under the guise of eating "ants on a log" - more laptop time for me

Incidentally - my "tennis elbow" has been killing me. What a misnomer, because the only tennis I've been playing is of the Wii variety and Bug beats me soundly. Sweet Man wisely suggested that my tennis elbow has flared because of all the Word Twist I play on this blasted computer - but I can't resist.

9. Whatever.....

10. Make lunch and gather to meet Sweet Man for lunch
What's missing? My Bible time - yes, my struggle with daily discipline continues here 

Today is going pretty much as planned...any minute now something will blow it to bits, I'm sure.

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Bekah said...

your haircut looks really cute!! that was brave, to take both kiddos. i love your blog!