Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mirror, mirror

*Some of you may have seen a version of this list in a past MOPS newsletter, but here it is again - with some changes. *
In no way do I want to sound self-righteous in this post. You who know me, know that I struggle with patience and control in my home, case in point last Saturday: when I lost it. The following is a way that God is communicating with me and challenging me to renew my mind. 

I have noticed that God holds my children's behavior up to me like a mirror. They display some unbecoming conduct and I think to myself, "Where did they learn that?" You seasoned parents already know the answer....of course, from me. My kids imitate my coping skills or lack thereof. In my more lucid (not livid) moments, I try to imagine what God says to when I act similarly with Him. God is so good and gentle with me - me, not so much in these moments. When I hear myself saying these things to Bug and Bean, (if I'm paying attention) I can hear the echo of God saying them to me.
10. It makes Me sad when you complain about what I've given to you. 
9. You should tell others when something they do bothers you - gently. And be gracious when you hear it from someone you have bothered.

8. It's not your job to tell Me what other people are doing wrong.
7. You can be mad, but you may not be mean. You can be sad, but don't try to make everyone around you sad.

6. Please obey when I call you. If I have to call you again, I will make it harder to ignore Me and there will be an unpleasant consequence.

5. When you know you've made a bad choice, come to Me; let's talk about it.
4. You made a mistake, but you'll get another chance to do better.

3. If you need help, just call Me. Lift your arms and I'll pick you up.

2. You are precious to Me.

 1. I love you always, no matter what.

Now I just need to learn how to respond patiently, gently, and consistently. Any ideas?

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