Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The anonymity of not being known in the fourth largest U.S. city must give me courage when it comes to changing my appearance. My sweet man chuckled at lunchtime when I said I had an appointment to have my hair cut. He knows my history of proclaiming "I'm goin' short, this time" and then chickening out. When my behind is in that chair with gleaming scissors poised and mocking mirror, my hands can't seem to go above my shoulders as I demonstrate my desired length. But today with printed-out picture in hand, I proclaimed, "I want this haircut." Shelly seemed to know my history and asked me a few insightful questions and started cutting before I could change my mind. All of this was made a little more urgent because I had my rascals in tow. I made my appointment at this salon assuming it was "family friendly" - it wasn't "family hostile," but it was awkward to say the least. My hair was washed in the opposite corner of the building of the seating area where Bug and Bean were set up with books, paper, and pencils - oh, and stale candy canes - I thought I had packed Bug's gameboy, but found out in the salon that it was some other random black drawstring bag with electronic paraphenalia. I realized halfway through the appointment that my hands were gripping the vinyl armrests ready to leap up at the first Bean shriek. Shelly noticed and encouraged me to relax - that the kids were fine and not bothering anyone. One turbanned woman came over to my chair and complimented me on the kids' behavior - thank you...but get me out of here!
Anyway, here is the result. I like it. Sweet Man said, "I thought you were going short-short!" Baby steps, man.


Rita Johnson said...

Love the haircut. Want to see more. You are amazing, Amy, starting a blog. Looks like a lot of work. You have done it so well and of course it all interests me. I believe you could author a book. It could be your calling.

Rita Johnson

Molly said...

It looks great. Are your bangs short or is it all kinda the same length?
Let me just your goal to be super-dooper short like I've had mine? I'm just encouraging you to be as "crazy" as you can!

amykate~ said...

Bangs are long enough to tuck behind my ear. It's not really different than other cuts I've had~maybe I'll go super-dooper short next steps, man. Why is hair such a big deal to me?

Molly said...

Sounds nice.

Maybe because your dad has a chrome-dome? I know, I know. I should be a psychiatrist, right? HEE HEE Now, if I could just figure out why I care so much about noses?

Julie said...

Maybe you care so much because you are sweet and don't want to flaunt that you have the sort of hair that the person behind you in line wants to twine their fingers all up to test if it's really that thick and soft and marvelous? maybe that's why.
I know that's why it's so cute all blunt and flippy in that silly (we can't see YOU) picture :)

Life with the girls said...

I love the cut, way to go! I know all about chickening out in the chair...changing your mind at the last minute, so I commend you. Not that we can see a lot of you in the photo, but what's there is stinkin' cute!

remaxresults01 said...

AMY!! LOVE IT! you are such a beautiful woman! I am so proud of you...not just cutting the hair, but for being so amazing, and real...we love you and miss you!!! Mandy, Scott, and Claire Bear