Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.
Psalm 63:3

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hi, friends,

I'm asking for a little prayer. We moved into our new place - an extended stay Marriott. It's very nice and there will be extra perks like free breakfast and frequent housekeeping. But it is eensy, teensy, tiny, small. It is a fourth of the size of the apartment we just left, which was half the size of our house on Neal. Do the math. I need to purge even more if we are going to function here. And I won't relax until I find a place for everything. I can't see how we are going to do school, cook, eat, be, etc. So either I need to figure out how to do with less or how to change my expectations. Sweet Man has a great outlook as usual and I'm sure I'll catch up with him eventually. But I feel overwhelmed and anxious. I'm ready to explore the area, but feel like we won't be able to just chill out here, like we were able to at the last place - wow, we had it good the first time out of the gate. But we are together and Sweet Man's schedule will be a little lighter in this office. We will be here for 3 weeks, until the kids and I come home and then I meet him in Las Vegas for a week. Okay, wah, wah, wah - my life's so rough, and I did sign up for this, wah, but please pray for my attitude. 

And if anyone has recipes for easy (ie: just a few ingredients,) healthy, kid-friendly skillet or crock pot meals - pass them on, baby. Not too much to ask, right? Post here or email me.

Love to all.

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