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Psalm 63:3

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bug's birth

So, by the time I was pregnant with Bug, I was working full time again...subbing as a music teacher {I know, crazy...} and right before the stick showed two lines, I accepted a fourth grade teaching position for the following year.

The first couple of trimesters were a breeze...I only became sick once...from operator error. The manufacturers say take prenatal vitamins on a full stomach for a reason. I took mine one morning before eating anything and then panicked and ate about 2/3 c. of black bean hummus. It revolted on me...revolting.

I continued taking my hormonal supplement...morning and keep my progesterone level up for baby.

Knowing that I wanted to mitigate medical intervention, I met with Certified Nurse midwife who is included in a hospital practice locally. I liked her. I felt she listened to my concerns and encouraged me to come up with a natural birth plan.

At the same time, I was becoming more familiar with the practice of home birth and was very intrigued. From my incredible chiropractor, I received a name of a local lay midwife who did home births. We met with her in our home and liked her immediately...sweet, motherly, much birthing experience in hospitals and homes.

I continued seeing both women for prenatal visits {felt like I was cheating on both,} but knew I would have to choose home or hospital birth sooner or later. Still feeling unsettled in my spirit, I chose hospital sometime in the fall and said goodbye {for now} to Kathy. However, I did rent a birthing tub to use at the hospital. Our hospital had never had a woman labor or give birth in there was some red tape, but we were cleared to use it.

By November, I was beginning to be uncomfortable. I developed carpal tunnel and was BIG! Bug also had the habit of kicking me while I was standing up in front of my students...they thought it was funny when I would say, "oof." 

My due date was Feb. 8th, so I was able to finish the semester in the middle of January and had a couple weeks to spare for nesting before baby. Those weeks, of course, were a blur.

February 4th, was a Thursday (?) and I went to bed as usual...too late. I woke up around 2 with cramping and went to the bathroom. Shortly after, my water broke and the fluid was brown...which indicated a possible concern. We gathered up and went to the hospital. 

Our midwife came in and checked me and assured me I was still in early labor. I was her only mom at the moment. She stayed until 9 or 10am and had to leave for a conference about 30 minutes away, but was easily accessible by phone. She knew it was going to be a while. The morning and early afternoon were pretty uneventful...contractions irregularly, some strong, some not. Sometime in the morning, we had the tub filled and warmed and I wanted to get in. I wasn't 5cm dilated and had an IV port, but got in anyway. The nurses came in to see the novelty of a woman laboring in a tub. I'd get in to relax and then back out to rest on the bed. I know now that I was too relaxed and getting into the tub slowed my labor.

Gosh, the chronology is all hazy in my memory. At some point, my midwife came back. Because of the dark amniotic fluid, my midwife ordered a saline wash (?) to wash the baby off while he was still inside me. Weird, huh? It wasn't too uncomfortable, but I was hooked into a contraption of IV and IV stands...couldn't get into the tub during that procedure. My labor was still not progressing.

By 5pm, after getting in and out of the tub, little sleep since 2am and still contracting, I was pretty tired. My stalled out labor caused my midwife to suggest pitocin to pick things up. I was 5 cm. dilated. She said, "I can give it to you now and get things going or we can wait another 12 hours and I can give it to you then." Again, now I know that her language was the time, I was uncomfortable enough...I wanted hope of some relief. My birth plan was crumbling. The thought of another 12 hours or so of labor scared me. Sweet Man and I discussed it and agreed to have the pitocin administered. No more tub for me as I would be hooked up to an IV. 

Almost immediately labor got stronger. I labored for another 3 or 4 hours that way....more and more painful, and I felt more and more out of control. Exhausted and in pain, my midwife offered me something to take the edge off...Nubane. I took it. It made me feel drunk. I was asleep until a contraction came. I'd wake up, get through it and fall back asleep. I was aware of voices, but was not able to talk or walk. I was moved into a delivery room. Sweet Man was with me the whole time. Once it was time to push, I was able to stay awake...I pushed through 3 contractions...although I remember pushing even when not in a contraction. I really wanted to have this baby. 

Within minutes, the baby was out and she checked him over and handed him to the nurses. Sweet Man followed him...declaring him a boy. I said, "Are you sure?" because I was so sure through my pregnancy that I was having a know, heart rate, dreams, a sure name choice...all that.

Baby Bug was in the world just after midnight on Feb. 6th and I was a momma.

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Bekah said...

Aw, sweet, funny Sam. It was so fun to meet him so soon, and see Kevin beaming, holding him, declaring "I have a son!" He's getting so old!! What will you do??